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Four Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

optimizing storage space in supply chain

A warehouse is a critical element in the supply chain. Whether you manufacture your products or not, the warehouse is usually the difference between the success and failure of your business.

For that and other reasons, you must have a streamlined warehouse process. Everything from sorting, labeling, dispatching, and taking account must be done with a view to efficiency in time and costs. There are simple but effective tips to improve warehouse efficiency, and we will consider some of them in this article.

Mark Workstations Accordingly

Different people in the warehouse do many things. Setting up sequential and well-marked … Read the rest

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How Can Gift Card Offers Build Your Business?

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If you’re a small business owner, you find creative ways to engage customers. The goal of customer engagement is to increase revenue and your bottom line. One way to increase revenue is to create gift cards. These can be mailed to current or potential customers to get people to your store and boost sales.

According to experts, 65% of people who receive gift cards spend almost 40% more than the value of the gift card. This means that the gift cards increase spending by your customers, resulting in higher profits. Let’s explore other benefits in getting gift cards for your … Read the rest