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 The Dogma of Mental Health  

Mental Health

Yesterday. We were talking about a person who is in a work situation that truly and actually is a negative one, and how that contradicts the dogma associated with healthy mental states about being productive and happy at one’s place of work. What we were saying was, it would be unfair to accuse this person, who is actually mistreated at her place of work, of being mentally unhealthy for not taking joy in her job.

The first thing you might say is, why doesn’t this woman go out and get a better job? Why doesn’t she get out and find … Read the rest

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Spirituality and Hokey-Ness


In my last post, I was trying to talk about finding a meaningful way to talk about spiritual health; to talk about it in a way that does not seem hokey or preachy. It occurs to me now that, before I pursue the topic further, I should probably provide some explanation for what I mean by spirituality When I refer to spiritual health, I’m simply talking about any type of non-physical interpretation of health. The terms mental health, “emotional health”, in this case, could be put under the category of spiritual help. So, in other words, I’m not using … Read the rest

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Tips on How to Choose the Right Manufacturing Services

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When it comes to choosing the right manufacturing services, there are a few things you need to take into account. It is commendable to consider the cost of the service, the quality of the service, and the customer service. Additionally, you should decide what type of manufacturing services you need. There are many different manufacturing services in EEI Manufacturing, so it’s important to choose one that best suits your needs.

Understanding the Types of Manufacturing Services

When you’re choosing a manufacturing service, it’s important to understand the available types of services. Small-scale manufacturing services are the most affordable, provide … Read the rest

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Tips on Selecting Discount Wooden Bedroom Furniture

How to Choose the Best Bedroom Furniture

When shopping for new bedroom furniture, wooden furniture is a practical choice. It’s strong and durable while also creating a look of elegance. Wooden furniture will offer you many years of beautiful service. It’s becoming harder to find solid wood bedroom furniture when you shop in your local furniture stores. This is true whether you’re looking for oak furniture, cherry, mahogany, or pine furniture for your bedroom. Too many people are just as happy these days to have pressed wood imitations such as particleboard even though these are much weaker and wear out quickly. This is the type of … Read the rest

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How To Create Better Business Visibility

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Creating your business is exciting. You’ve watched your plan come to fruition. However, the work does not end once your business is up and running. You likely want to keep the success going. One way to do this is to increase your business visibility. Learn a few ways about how to do that in the outline below.

Look Into Community Outreach Marketing

Community outreach is a way to find potential new customers. It directly links potential customers to your products. If that process sounds daunting, a community outreach marketer Long Beach NY, can help. This person can take on … Read the rest

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What the Experts Say to Manage Anger in Healthy Manner

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Anger is a normal emotion that every human experiences. There are many instances that provoke us to become angry, such as being caught up in heavy traffic, misunderstanding between a good friend, a child ruining a work presentation for a meeting. If anger is managed in a healthy way, it could be a positive thing for anyone. However, anger may cause health and relationship problems if it is managed poorly.

If one begins to outburst, frustrations and rages will negatively affect the relationship with your family, friends, co-workers, or complete strangers. For most people, particularly those individuals who don’t have … Read the rest