September 27, 2022

Truth Behind Holiday Health Myths

The holiday season is the best time of the year for most: presents and parties and eggnog are in high gear for the month of December. But the traveling season is also a favorite of some unwelcomed guests, and no not your drunken uncle. The cold weather this time of year is a haven for the common cold and provides the ideal setting for the flu. As our mothers have told us, we never go out of the house with wet hair because if you do, you’ll catch a cold. Regrettably, our mothers were a little off on the truth; colds are caused by viruses, not wet hair. Here are three other health myths that have been around for generations.

Turkey Makes You Sleepy

Thanks to tryptophan, the amino acid that induces serotonin in your brain, many people hold the belief that after eating turkey, you want to go to sleep. Indeed, after eating a big turkey dinner, most families undo the top button of their pants and take a little nap around the fireplace. But this isn’t a result of the tryptophan in turkey; in fact, turkey has the same levels of tryptophan as turkey and just a bit more than cheese or pork.

The reason why most people feel sleepy afterward is due to the fact that they just gorged on a meal that could feed ten families. All the carbohydrates from the potatoes and rolls are the more likely culprit for your drowsiness. When the body consumes vast quantities of carbs, it shifts priorities to your stomach and away from the brain, making you sleepy.

Poinsettias Are Poisonous

This myth began way back in 1919. Apparently, if consumed by children or small pets, poinsettias can be fatally poisonous. According to Edward Krenzelok, Pharm.D from the Pittsburgh Poison Center, eating sap or a leaf from a poinsettia is not a danger to our little ones; in fact, the worse possible outcome is the child or pet may vomit or have diarrhea.

The pretty red flowers pose no danger to your beloved pets and children, but another holiday flower may indeed pose a threat: Christmas lilies. According to a 2006 study by the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, Christmas lilies can be fatal to cats. The seasonal plant, even in the smallest of doses, will cause severe kidney damage in your cat and may even cause death. Signs include vomiting, inability to urinate, and lethargy.

Always Use Hand Sanitizers

This modern myth, which tells us to constantly use hand sanitizers so that you won’t catch a cold is close, but not completely true. Although sanitizers do kill the rhinovirus which causes the common cold, it is unlikely that you will reduce your chances of getting sick. According to recent studies, physical contact is a less effective way of transferring the virus. The virus is spread much more effectively when it is airborne; therefore, it is a good idea to blow your nose into a handkerchief or use an antihistamine spray.


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Stay Protected! Top 5 Hair Care Tips During Summer

People are very much excited when summer is near. This is because the beaches are warm, people are planning swimming get-together parties, the tanning session, and some other beach activities they may be inclined to do during this season. While summer is really enjoyable and exciting, there are precautions to observe so as to maintain beautiful hair despite the heat of the sun and the summer moisture. Hair Care Tips During Summer Season

Always Wear A Protective Hat

Cap or scarf when going out under the sun. These paraphernalia act as protection of the hair against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Make sure that when wearing hats and caps, these are not too tightly fitted to restrict circulation which can contribute to mild hair loss.

 Use A Leave-In Conditioner With A Sun Protection Factor Of A Minimum Of SPF30

When going out of the sun without a hat, a cap, or a scarf on. While this will protect your hair from the damage caused by the UV rays, it may collect dirt and particulates as leave-on conditioners may be slightly dense and moist when applied to hair. Make sure to rinse it with a mild shampoo completely before sleeping.

Try To Limit The Use Of A Hot Blow Dryer Or Curling Irons

If it is really necessary, put a leave-in conditioner prior to use to prevent too much drying of it caused by heat. Prolonged use may make the hairdryer, more brittle, and less shiny.

Shampoo Less Often And Use Conditioner More Often

Shampooing hair too often removes the natural oils from the scalp and leaves more shampoo residue on it. This will make the scalp dry, itchy and at times, its pores blocked. Conditioning the hair often is better as conditioner leaves the hair moisturized, less tangled, and easier to manage. Also, it is a must to use warm water instead of hot ones as heat will further dry out and damage the hair and scalp.

Be Careful When Buying Hair Products

When buying a hair product, always check the ingredients if it contains alcohol or formaldehyde. Avoid these products as they may discreetly cause hair damage and dryness on prolonged use. Try products that are natural such as those that are water-based or those containing aloe vera.

While these tips may make your hair more conditioned and better during the summer, do not forget to hydrate internally. Drink more water or fluids within the day as this is very important in maintaining healthy and well-moisturized hair despite the summer’s heat.…

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Benefit of having a local SEO consultant with Christmi joli!


Wider Internet Marketing Reach

Internet marketing is a term for marketing products and services online through the internet. This marketing is not only a matter of sales, but also a matter of promotion, branding, and building relationships with consumers that are done online. In addition, using internet marketing media like this havs severat advantages, so what are the benefits? Which ones are the best for your company?

Here is some following explanation:

Save Time, Energy and Costs

Anyone would want the things done that can be effective in terms of time, energy, and cost. When the marketing process is done online. Then you can save a lot of time, energy, and money that way you do not need to bother intervening directly because you won’t need to leave the house, in order to monitor and market your business.

When you have al local SEO consultant it is easier to have more time to concentrate on other task. It is  great economy to have someone do for you a marketing plan, a website, a Youtube video, email marketing that can make you safe energy and cost as well.

Relax yourself with Christmi Joli

You do not have to go here and there to meet lots of people to introduce and promote your products and services there is now alot of marketing tool available to reduce this hug stress. Because by doing online promotions, you just must sit around without the hassle of taking care of everything yourself.

During, this process our consultant at Christmi Joli will work along with you by meeting you on ZOOM to discuss of many strategie and let you choose what is best for your need, every week we target to see the progess and the results of each step taken for the marketing.

Easy to Monitor

With us using the online methos, we can monitor the development of your business whenever and wherever you want. The process is not difficult, so you do not need to worry about that we do the hustle for you.

Sales Occur Quickly

When you market your products on the internet, you can generate sales in a short amount of time. Sales happen instantly with just a few clicks. The process does not take long because of transactions occur online and that are easy to do.

The moment we have solve some issue you are experiencing with your marketing, our plan is to get you on track, to get more calls, a better ranking and making more sales.

Increase Profits

Within in short matter of time you will see your business is more popular and generating more sales. The number of internet users make this easy with so many and widespread. You couls say you can reach unlimited consumers so far those of you who want to expand the market and increase profits to the maximum, you can take advantage of internet marketing from now on.

The more you invest in your marketing you will get the best results and a blooming successful business.



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