August 10, 2022

Top 3 Acne Treatments Every Pregnant Should Avoid

Pregnant women experience a lot of skin changes that may be adverse and may not be tolerable to one’s eyesight. This is due to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. This may include melasma, chloasma, and of course “acne”. Acne can occur to anyone, male or female, pregnant or nonpregnant. For most people, there are no specific contraindications and treatments that one should be aware of. For pregnant women, there are acne treatments and medications that should be stopped, if being taken already, or should not be taken within the course of pregnancy, as this may result to having fetal complications and birth difficulties.

Here Are The 3 Medications Frequently Used To Treat Acne In General

  1. This is also known as “isotretinoin”. An oral vitamin A derivative that is used to treat severe forms of acne like the “acne vulgaris”.
  2. A good brand for tretinoin is Retin-A. It is a vitamin A derivative in a topical cream preparation used to treat acne from mild to moderate in severity.
  3. One of the widely used antibiotics to treat acne is tetracycline, along with Doxycycline. It is being taken orally to treat infections of the skin and soft tissues.

Are These Drugs Safe To Be Taken During Pregnancy?

As for the Accutane, it is highly advised to stop or not to take this oral anti-acne during pregnancy. In fact, it is included in the “X” category of drug use in pregnancy. This means that studies, showed evidence of harm and risk to the fetus and that it outweighs its benefits to the mother in treating acne. It even showed that for those who took Accutane during pregnancy, the risk for miscarriage and infant death became higher. Also, those infants that were born exhibited defects such as heart defects, nervous system defects, skull, and facial malformation.

For the topical tretinoin, just like the Retin-A, it showed that only around 10 percent of the drug is absorbed in the bloodstream and that it is expected that the level of this drug is lesser than 10% when it reaches the fetus. However, 10% is still 10% and therefore it still carries a risk to the fetus even in a lesser magnitude. Using tretinoin is therefore discussed with the OB-GYNE and dermatologist for further evaluation and advice. For those whose acne is not severe, good skin hygiene will do to prevent further breakouts and to prevent complicate the zits.

Tetracycline is not advised to be taken by any pregnant woman. It showed that those pregnant women who took tetracycline within the course of pregnancy have had babies with teeth discoloration and some bone underdevelopment. The risks to the infant’s health are higher than what you can benefit from this drug. Therefore, if the acne is not severe, refrain from taking this antibiotic. After birth, one can resume or start taking this medication even during breastfeeding. This concern should also be discussed with the OB-GYN and with the Dermatologist fur further advice.…

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Walk Your Way to a Perfect Body

Women often have trouble attaining the figure they want; the gym just doesn’t seem to be doing the job and your diet is top-notch. However, you may not be losing weight or burning calories as efficiently as you may have hoped. To get your perfect figure, all you need to do is walk. Walking for 45 minutes a day can successfully get you to shave off two to four inches off your waistline in as little as two months. Here is how you do it:

Make A Track

Before you start your walking workout, you need to map out your route. Try to choose a route that will be scenic enough to keep you motivated. Consider a park or the outskirts of town to inspire you. Stick to this track every day and try not to deviate. This way, you will have a consistent workout each time.

Keep A Brisk Pace

When you start your walk, ensure that you are walking at a brisk pace, faster than if you were simply walking through a mall. Try to walk at this pace for at least one mile; your goal for one mile should be about 15 minutes. Keep your back straight and swing your arms forward with every step. If you want to increase your speed, take faster steps, not longer ones. This way, you won’t be cheating your body.


Once you’ve reached your one-mile mark, it is time to strengthen your legs: do forward lunges, starting with your left leg forward and then your right leg. Your toes should be further forward than your knees; if your knee goes further than your toes, you are doing it wrong. With your back leg, ensure that you are pushing from the toes forward onto your lunging leg. Do this for one to three minutes and then start your walk again.

Speed Bursts

On your second bout of walking, try to alternate one minute of brisk walking with one minute of a hard run. Run quickly for two minutes and then return to your regular brisk walking pace. In time, you should be able to increase the amount of time you are running versus the amount of time you spend walking.


Push-ups are the perfect exercise to strengthen and tone your upper body. But the key is to do proper push-ups: ensure that your knees aren’t resting on the floor or ground. When you do your push-ups, ensure that your abs are tight, your back is straight, and your extending all the way to the ground; no need to cheat.

Skip And Run Home

On the final stretch of your walk, try to alternate running, jogging, and skipping. Not only will this strengthen your legs and ankles, but you will have a fun time on your way. Use a 1:1:1 ratio of walking, running, and skipping. When you are skipping, the higher you raise your knees, the more calories you will burn, so feel free to lunge and jump as much as you want!…

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How To Get Rid Of Stress To Stay Fit And Healthy

Stress is a physiological mechanism that is inevitable to happen. It is said to be a consequence when one fails to respond to physical and emotional stress appropriately. Stress takes place when we have problems at the workplace, or having conflicts with family and friends, or acquire medical illness or disease. No one can avoid stress, and whatever circumstances may happen, there is always stress behind it.

Stress management aids in overcoming stress before it progresses. Managing your stress will help you take control of it before it devours you. If it already controls you, stress might bring up some health issues that will put your lifestyle at risk. There are different techniques on how to deal with stress and these methods depend on your time frame and perception in overcoming its tension.

One of the most effective ways in handling stress is through doing physical exercise. Working all parts of your body regularly is exceedingly effective in managing stress; make it as a part of stress management or on its own. As we physically exert ourselves, our body releases a neurotransmitter or a chemical substance called endorphins, which has similar in nature to opiates. These so-called “happy hormones” are naturally produced by our own bodies, making them free from side effects. Endorphins bring more energy and make us feel good all the time.

There are other activities that offer stress relief aside from exercising. Walking can be one good medium in reducing your body tension. Walking along a nature trail can make you more relaxed, as natural surroundings prompt relaxation responses in our brain. Another example is yoga. This activity that involves your body, mind, and spirit will surely eliminate stress away. Yoga aids in improving strength and flexibility, including deep breathing techniques that improve respiratory function, making you at ease. Interacting with other people while doing stress-free activities also facilitates additional stress relief.

Moreover, deep breathing exercises doesn’t only help improve respiration, it also helps in obtaining free flow of oxygen to most of the vital parts of our body, particularly our brain. Oxygen serves as the fuel of our brain, keeping a healthy and clear mind that will keep you focused.

If done regularly, these actions will surely reduce your everyday stress levels and will heighten peacefulness and pleasure within you. Likewise, it will also serve as protective gear by instructing yourself on keeping you calm and at ease whenever stress strikes again.…

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Top 7 Food that Induces Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the pleasurable things to do. Sleep for about seven to eight hours is important to rest the body and regain the energy consumed after a long day. However, people with sleep difficulty might experience problems staying alert the following day. Sleep is an important element in staying healthy and alert. People with sleep problems are at higher risk of developing serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

People working on varying schedules, like nurses, doctors, and call center agents, are prone to develop sleep disorders. A child who suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has also difficulty going to sleep. Some of the known sleep disorders affecting most people include disturbed sleep patterns and chronic sleep loss.

However, there are several foods that help induce sleep. Also, it relaxes tense muscles, provides a calm mind, and increases sleep-inducing hormones in the body, such as melatonin, and serotonin. Some of the common power foods listed below can help you fall asleep.

Warm Milk And Other Dairy Products

We all know that milk is a good sleep inducer. Milk and other dairy products, like cheese and yogurt, contain tryptophan. It is an amino acid when once converted releases serotonin. Calcium, which is the main component of dairy products, is an effective mineral in stress reduction and stabilization of nerve fibers in the brain. It will not only promote good sleep at night, but it will also help rest your mind.


Eating bananas before going to sleep will provide you with magnesium and potassium, minerals that help relax your overall muscles in the body. Bananas also contain tryptophan, which produces sleep hormones.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you have problems staying asleep at night, you might need to eat hard-cooked eggs. Eating simple carbohydrates before bedtime may not suffice the duration of your sleep, as it might put your blood sugar levels in jeopardy. Blood sugar levels in the body could drop in the middle of the night. This might cause you to wake up at one or two in the morning. Hard-boiled eggs are rich in protein. This will not only put you to sleep but also stay asleep.

Whole-Wheat Bread

Complex carbohydrates, like whole-wheat bread, trigger the production of insulin. Insulin facilitates the delivery of tryptophan, an amino acid, in the brain. The conversion of amino acid to serotonin is being facilitated, which takes place in the brain.


Almonds are excellent sources of magnesium, which promotes muscle relaxation. Also, it is rich in protein that helps maintain stable blood sugar levels when sleeping. A tablespoon of almond butter or an ounce of almonds will help release tight muscles.


Who says oatmeal can be eaten only during breakfast? Oatmeal is rich in minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, silicon, and potassium, which aids in falling asleep. Oatmeal is easy to prepare. A bowl of warm oatmeal can help put you to sleep.

Cherries. Cherries can help people sleep better at night. It is an excellent source of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. Tart cherries boost melatonin levels in the body. Cherries can help cure insomnia. A glass of cherry juice facilitates sound sleep.

These are some of the food you might consider eating before going to sleep. This food will not only help you fall asleep, but it will also give you a better sleep. Better sleep or quality sleep regains more energy and strength needed for the next day’s activity.…

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3 Tips to be Happy at Work


The vast majority of the American population hates their jobs. Working for the weekend has become a standard philosophy with the workforce today; get through the week so that you can finally have fun with your friends and family. Just get through the week. How about the Sunday Blues? Many people are abandoning Sunday because they are depressed about having to commute in the morning. But when we do this, we essentially ruin half our weekend, since Sunday is as equally enjoyable as the daily grind. So, if you want to get ahead at work, you must be happy. Success doesn’t breed happiness; happiness breeds success. Here are three tips you can use to have a better time at work and enjoy what you do while limiting your stress and taking back your Sundays!

Don’t Bury Yourself In Your Work

According to recent studies, when people are overwhelmed at work with a ridiculous workload and unrealistic deadlines, they will lock themselves in their offices and work until the wee hours of the morn. This must be avoided; it is a recipe for stress. Relax; know your limits and what you can do within the designated deadline. Interact with your colleagues around the water cooler. A study conducted by Harvard University showed that when students were in a library for eight hours at a time, they had higher levels of happiness when they socialized with their classmates while studying. The same is true at the office. Take time out to laugh and joke, then get back to work.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Taking A Break

Studies have shown that the brain slows down and is less efficient after it has been worked for two straight hours. The solution? Take a five to ten-minute break every 90 minutes to refuel your brain. Take a walk or chat online with some friends or family, read a gossip magazine, or have a high-protein snack. There is no reason to force yourself harder than you ought to, especially when you are already stressed. Not only will you feel better and a little less agitated, your productivity and accuracy will also increase, and your boss will notice.

Break Everything Down

Getting overwhelmed is a common cause of stress. You look at the whole project, and you get flustered over what to do first, how to tackle the problem, and how you can possibly finish it on time. The solution here is to break it up into smaller parts. Solve the small problems and issues first (such as designating research time or sending out duty lists to all team members) and then slowly expand your scope; you will notice that the task isn’t huge but rather just a series of small, easily managed projects.

Following these steps will not necessarily make you love your job; in fact, you may hate your job for completely legitimate reasons. These are simply suggestions to help you not dread going to work every morning.…

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The Beauty of Reflexology: Facts About the Zone Therapy

Most people love to have a massage as a form of their relaxation. Massage is an energy-inducing therapy utilized to correct energy imbalances and increase blood flow to certain areas of the body. One common form of energy medicine that is widely used by most individuals is reflexology. Reflexology, otherwise known as zone therapy, is a relaxation remedy that refers to the practice of stimulating particular zones and medians on the feet, hands, and ears using hand massage techniques. Listed below are the things you need to know about reflexology.

Reflexology was found to be practiced in the earliest times, particularly in Egypt dated around 2300 B.C. Early paintings depicted that the practice of hand and foot reflexology applied to pharaohs and other high people during ancient times. Later, Dr. Fitzgerald introduced reflexology in America, which he called zone therapy.

Definition of Reflexology

Reflexology is an alternative medicine characterized by applying pressure on hands, feet, or ears using hand techniques without using lotion or oil. It is based on the principle that vital energy circulates on the vital organs of the body and penetrates every cell of the body. If the energy is blocked, there will be no energy reaching most of the vital organs. Pain in certain organs is due to blockages of energy or the buildup of crystals in corresponding reflex zones. Massaging will break down the build-up of crystals inside the body, thus relieving pain and promoting the healing process.

Side Effects

When on treatment, a person will experience feelings of the comfort of relaxation. However, there are some side effects of reflexology that some people might experience while under therapy. These include nausea, drowsiness, mood swings, tingling and prickling sensations on the feet, cough, frequent bowel movements, headaches, yawning, and fatigue.

Reflexology Benefits To Relieve Stress

Reflexology is indicated in people who experience stress and stress-related conditions. This could also serve as a treatment for those experiencing symptoms such as tension headache and migraine, arthritis, insomnia, sports injuries, digestive problems, back pain, sinus problems, poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, and skin problems. Reflexology is also used for patients who underwent surgery for palliative purposes.

Reflexology offers long-term effects such as relaxation, relief of chronic pain, stress reduction, invigoration, enhanced creativity, and increased productivity. It is often recommended as a complementary therapy. People who are pregnant, those with blood vessel disorders, or those with foot ulcers and injuries are advised to talk to the doctor first before undergoing reflexology.…

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Untold Secrets of Super Models in Staying Motivated To Work Out

Most individuals have difficulties staying in an exercise routine. Enthusiasm sets in during the first few days of the workout. The energy tends to fade as time goes by because of certain factors like boredom or impatience with the slow results. There are other factors that contribute to the disruption of our eagerness to exercise. These include the varying holiday schedules, sudden weather changes, and some inconvenient gadgets that render unsatisfactory and occasional results. Listed below are some motivational tips that you can follow to stick with your exercise routine. These strategies might help you overcome some common problems you encounter while exercising.

Find your external drives. Try to search for an external motivation if your inner drive cannot help you. The external drives could be the solution to stick with your fitness routine. These outside motivations might include wanting to wear a piece of clothing, expecting an event obliging you to be suave, or impressing your loved ones. Discipline and determination must be observed to sustain a long-term workout.

Include Exercise In Your Daily Cycle

Exercise poses a lot of health benefits. Adapt to it and make no excuses. However, if you cannot do exercise because of a hectic schedule, try to be inventive. Accompany your pet dog at the park for a morning walk. Avoid the elevator and make use of the stairs when at your workplace. Try conversing with your co-workers and keep yourself away from too much sitting in front of your desk. Set up and pedal a stationary bike while watching television at night.

Make Your Daily Workout Pleasurable

Search for an activity that could give you an adrenaline rush, such as playing a sport or doing any recreational activities. When boredom begins to set in, pull yourself to other types of activities. Enroll in a ballroom class. Be a member of a health club. Sign up for a tree-planting activity. Participate in a volleyball or football league. Keep in mind that exercise should not put you under pressure. You should have fun while working out.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting appropriate goals are important in achieving your desired fit. Begin with simple goals and develop them into a wide range of goals. However, those desires need to be affordable and achievable. Impractical and ambitious goals will only make you frustrated. For example, your short-term goal is to do a five-minute walk using a treadmill and gradually add three minutes every week until you reach your long-term goal – a thirty-minute walk every day.

Give Yourself A Treat

Repay yourself after every workout to savor the good feeling of exercise. Rewarding yourself will encourage you to continue exercising every day. When you are able to achieve your long-term goal, reward yourself with a pair of walking shoes or an iPod shuffle for you to use while doing your regular exercise.


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