Selection of the Right Bathroom Floor Material

The design of the bathroom floor will look very good if it has an attractive surface pattern, is waterproof, and is safe to walk on. Usually, for the bathroom, use a ceramic type floor. The advantages of using a ceramic floor besides being easy to clean, are also more resistant to water and safe when stepped on. In addition, the price of ceramics on the market is also quite affordable with a large selection of models. In fact, there are so many, you get confused when choosing this ceramic.

Currently, there are at least 6 different choices of flooring materials besides ceramics that you can use in the bathroom. To determine which floor material should be chosen, you must first know its characteristics. Because each type of floor basically has unique properties and characteristics. These properties will then affect the overall bathroom design. You must choose the right one according to the concept you want to build.

Bathroom Floor Materials from Tiles

Tile floors are also known as tile floors or terracotta floors. This is the first type of flooring that appeared in Indonesia. This type of flooring has a very attractive distinctive color, pattern, and texture. Floor tiles are most suitable for building traditional, ethnic, natural, industrial, and vintage bathroom designs. The impression of being old but still solid is the hallmark of this floor. The advantages of tiles are that they are not too expensive, waterproof, easy to install, easy to clean, and durable. If cared for properly, the tile surface will look shiny.

Concrete Materials

For those of you who want a natural or industrial-style bathroom look, you can use a concrete floor. Basically, a concrete floor is like a floor slab without reinforcement in it. This floor is made of concrete mortar that is spread over the surface of the ground that has been cleaned and leveled. After the concrete layer dries, the floor is then given a finish on top to have a glossy or matte appearance. Concrete floors are floors that are easy to make, the cost of manufacture is quite cheap, easy to maintain, and the appearance can be adjusted to taste.

Floor of Tiles

If you want to create a luxurious and elegant bathroom, try using marble flooring. Marble floors are floors that are very strong, have a beautiful appearance, and last a long time. This floor is safe to walk on in wet conditions. Another advantage is that maintenance costs are relatively lower and easier to clean as well. Unfortunately, this type of floor is expensive and feels quite cold on the feet. You can install marble on the entire floor of the room or combine it with other types of floors.

Garnet flooring

Just like marble floors, granite is a very exclusive type of floor. This floor can make a bathroom feel luxurious and luxurious quickly. A bathroom decorated with granite floors will look so elegant and charming. This is inseparable from the sparkle that can exude the impression of luxury. Instantly the bathroom in your home will look more than a bathroom in general. The bathroom will look beautiful and luxurious. Never get tired of admiring the beauty of this bathroom.

Natural stone

Apart from being applied to walls, you can also use several types of natural stone as floor-forming materials. Natural stone floors will instantly produce a bathroom design that is so thick with natural nuances. A bathroom with natural stone floors will look very natural as if a bathroom is in the middle of a natural environment. Especially if you put some plants in it, the bathroom is really full of natural nuances that really soothe the body and soul. You will absolutely love it.

Linoleum floor

This type of floor is made from raw materials that have been renewed and are more natural. Examples include linseed oil, clay, lime, and wood powder. Linoleum floors are often referred to as a new type of marble. This floor is perfect for use in several parts of the home interior, including the bathroom. Linoleum floors can beautify the design of the bathroom in your home so that it will look more attractive and charming.


Mosaic floors can be made from any type of flooring material. There are even variations of ceramics made with the concept of a mosaic. This type of floor is very unique because it has an appearance that looks so real. Mosaic floors are suitable for making classic-style bathrooms. This floor is full of mid-century elegance. Mosaic floors are indeed widely used in ancient building designs.