Show off Your Smile!

Our mouths tell a lot about our health and our well-being. A healthy white smile is synonymous with youth; our teeth naturally turn yellow as we age, so logically a bright white smile is an indicator of a young person. However, a healthy mouth expresses a healthy body as well. Studies are released seemingly every day showing a link between other serious health risks with unhealthy teeth and gums. Here are some ways that can help you get that bright, glowing-white smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Kick The Bad Habits

As with every other health issue, our lifestyle plays a big role. The same is true with our teeth and gums. This means that it is time to kick some of your nastier habits, such as smoking and drinking coffee or red wine. We are all aware that these three are the big reasons for yellowing teeth, so it’s time to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not only will your teeth love you for it, but the rest of your body will be grateful too.

Only Eat Carbs At Mealtimes And Not As A Snack

Carbs are broken down as simple sugars, which will obviously affect your teeth. It’s not just chocolate or a cupcake that will ruin your teeth; that bag of potato chips you have been eyeing all morning will damage your teeth just as badly. These sugars created by carbs will create bacteria that will stick to your gums, causing cavities or gum disease. Avoid crackers, chips, or other bread-based snack foods, since they will require plenty of chewing which will allow the bacteria to get deep between teeth.

Avoid Brushing Your Teeth After An Acidy Drink

You may have the desire to brush your teeth right after downing that can of Coke, but this should be avoided even if your “soft teeth” are too much to bear. The acids in sodas added to the abrasive nature of toothpaste will wear down your teeth’ enamel. Instead, have a glass of water or chew some gum to get your natural acid-neutralizing saliva to kick it. Then you are free to brush away!

Add More Vitamin C

Vitamin C is crucial to keep your cells in working order; therefore since vitamin C is crucial for your hair and skin, it is also a key helper for your chompers. According to a recent study, people who eat less than 60mg of vitamin C a day (equal to a glass of orange juice) are 25 percent more likely to contract gum disease than people who consumed 180mg or more. That should be good enough for you to down at least a glass of O.J at breakfast.

Green Tea

The antioxidants of green tea (and even black tea) are your gum’s close friend. The antioxidants also prevent plaque from building up on your teeth which will help prevent cavities or gum disease. What’s more, green tea will also limit bad breath, since it will destroy the bacteria on your tongue that creates that stinky smell. Have a cup of tea for your coffee break instead of a cup of joe; your teeth will thank you for it.