Stay Protected! Top 5 Hair Care Tips During Summer

People are very much excited when summer is near. This is because the beaches are warm, people are planning swimming get-together parties, the tanning session, and some other beach activities they may be inclined to do during this season. While summer is really enjoyable and exciting, there are precautions to observe so as to maintain beautiful hair despite the heat of the sun and the summer moisture. Hair Care Tips During Summer Season

Always Wear A Protective Hat

Cap or scarf when going out under the sun. These paraphernalia act as protection of the hair against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Make sure that when wearing hats and caps, these are not too tightly fitted to restrict circulation which can contribute to mild hair loss.

 Use A Leave-In Conditioner With A Sun Protection Factor Of A Minimum Of SPF30

When going out of the sun without a hat, a cap, or a scarf on. While this will protect your hair from the damage caused by the UV rays, it may collect dirt and particulates as leave-on conditioners may be slightly dense and moist when applied to hair. Make sure to rinse it with a mild shampoo completely before sleeping.

Try To Limit The Use Of A Hot Blow Dryer Or Curling Irons

If it is really necessary, put a leave-in conditioner prior to use to prevent too much drying of it caused by heat. Prolonged use may make the hairdryer, more brittle, and less shiny.

Shampoo Less Often And Use Conditioner More Often

Shampooing hair too often removes the natural oils from the scalp and leaves more shampoo residue on it. This will make the scalp dry, itchy and at times, its pores blocked. Conditioning the hair often is better as conditioner leaves the hair moisturized, less tangled, and easier to manage. Also, it is a must to use warm water instead of hot ones as heat will further dry out and damage the hair and scalp.

Be Careful When Buying Hair Products

When buying a hair product, always check the ingredients if it contains alcohol or formaldehyde. Avoid these products as they may discreetly cause hair damage and dryness on prolonged use. Try products that are natural such as those that are water-based or those containing aloe vera.

While these tips may make your hair more conditioned and better during the summer, do not forget to hydrate internally. Drink more water or fluids within the day as this is very important in maintaining healthy and well-moisturized hair despite the summer’s heat.