20 Beauty Influencers We Are Crushing On

Beauty influencers are shaking up the industry day by day. With their bold, bookmark-worthy looks and out-of-the-box style, they are taking the internet by storm. Whether it be beauty tips, reviews, hacks, DIYs or tutorials, these influencers keep us hooked on to their incredible content. We can find inspiration from anywhere because of the rise of YouTube and beauty Instagram. Among all these influencers, there are some beauty gurus that we keep going back to again and again for their relatable and reliable content. 

So, here are the 20 beauty influencers that we are currently crushing on. Malvika Sitlani (@malvikasitlanioffical)

This former model turned influencer has amazing content on her social media with 492k followers on Instagram and 689k subscribers on YouTube. Her easy-to-follow tutorials, genuine reviews, and interactive videos have gathered a loyal audience. Be it Valentine’s day or day to night looks, she always comes up with exciting content.  Shreya Jain (@shreyajain26)

Another one of our favourite beauty influencers is none other than Shreya Jain.  She has so much wonderful content on her social media pages. From makeup to skincare she always gifts us with detailed and genuine videos. With 426k Instagram followers and 672k YouTube subscribers, she is killing the internet with her looks, DIYs and challenges. Budget-friendly makeup is one of the most viewed topics on her channel. Debasree Banarjee (@debasreee)

How can we ever forget about this Mumbai-based beauty influencer? Debasree Banerjee is known for her bold wearable looks, tutorials and product haul. Experimenting with makeup has always been her forte. Along with being a makeup enthusiast, this influencer with 298k followers on Instagram and 259k subscribers on YouTube also owns her own beauty brand ‘#debasreee’. It is a gender-fluid, fun and experimental beauty brand. Ankita Chaturvedi (@corallistablog)

Ankita Chaturvedi aka @corallista, popularly known for her blog, is a huge makeup enthusiast with around 316k followers on Instagram. Her YouTube videos are both reliable and extremely engaging. She talks about beauty, style and wellness through her blogs and social media pages. We can always count on her for honest product reviews and easy-to-follow tutorials. Aanam C (@aanamc)

Aanam is one of the top beauty influencers. She has a blog called ‘What When Wear.’ She talks about fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle in her blogs and vlogs. Aanam was named the Cosmopolitan beauty blogger of the year. She keeps delivering entertaining and exciting content for us and has around 292k Instagram followers and 233k YouTube subscribers. Jovita George (@mrjovitageorge)

Jovita George is a beauty influencer who advocates for people of colour through her makeup videos and tutorials. She is all about self-empowerment and makes a lot of videos that are for brown girls. Be it makeup, skincare or DIY, she makes honest and unbiased videos on her YouTube channel. One of the great qualities of her videos is that they are very relatable and genuine. Swati Verma (@swativerma)

Need a glamorous high fashion look or an outstanding eye look? Swathi Varma’s YouTube videos give us just that. Being a professional makeup artist she knows the in and out of the beauty industry. With over 499k followers on Instagram and 267k subscribers on YouTube, she is one of the pioneers within the beauty industry. Along with being an artist she also has her cosmetic line called ‘Swati cosmetics.’ Roshni Bhatia (@thechiquefactor)

Roshni Bhatia or popularly known as ‘thechiquefactor’ to her Instagram followers is a fashion beauty and lifestyle influencer. She has a YouTube channel with 563k subscribers and an Instagram page with 523k followers. Being a young mother herself, she motivates other mothers through her videos to follow their passion. Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl)

‘That Boho Girl’ has captured everyone’s attention with her unique style. Kritika Khurana makes different types of fashion and beauty-related videos. She also stands for important topics like body positivity and mental health on both her Instagram and YouTube pages. Her unique style has garnered around 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 453k subscribers on YouTube.  Gia Kashyap (@giasaysthat)

Another extraordinary beauty influencer we all love is Gia Kashyap. She goes by the name ‘giasaysthat’ on her Instagram and blog. The topics on her blog range from fashion to beauty and everything in between. From collaborating to reviewing Gia has captured our attention with her innovative content.  Shraddha Gurung (@lilmissgurung)

Shraddha Gurung aka ‘Lilmissgurung’ is known for her makeup, fashion and skincare videos. The winner of Cosmopolitan editor’s choice beauty influencer of the year is passionate about spreading awareness about mental health and body positivity. Her easy-to-follow looks and genuine talk has garnered around 122k followers on Instagram and 54.5k subscribers on YouTube Diipa Khosla (@diipakhosla)

Another stunning fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer we admire is Diipa Buller Khosla. She has won multiple awards as an influencer and graced many covers. With over 1.1 million followers on Instagram Diipa is now a global Indian influencer. Along with that she also works with NGOs to promote female empowerment and the anti-racism cause. Nitibha Kaul (@nitibhakaul)

With over 800k + followers across Instagram and 200k + subscribers on YouTube, this reality TV star turned social media influencer has made a name for herself. Be it beauty, fashion or lifestyle her videos always stand out and grab our attention.  Arshia Moorjani (@arshiamoorjani)

This Indian-American influencer is all about embracing diversity. Her makeup tutorials, skincare and DIYs for brown girls have garnered a lot of followers and subscribers. She has around 375k followers on Instagram and 426k subscribers on YouTube. Her videos are relatable and genuine, especially for brown girls. Mrunal Panchal (@mrunu)

Mrunal Panchal is a beauty and fashion influencer with more than 1 million followers on Instagram. She is taking over Instagram with her fun makeup looks and tutorials. Because of her fun and exciting content she gained a lot of followers and subscribers. On YouTube, she goes by the name ‘Gujju unicorn’.  Somya Gupta (@thesassthing)

Want to watch makeup tutorials and skin care routines with a lot of cuteness in them? Somya Gupta aka ‘the sass thing’ has got you covered. From sharing skincare secrets to makeup ‘the sass thing’ has got everything with a lot of fun elements. She has around 761k followers on Instagram and she goes by the name ‘Michu’ on her YouTube channel with around 218 k subscribers Deepica Mutyala (@deepica)

This beauty influencer and entrepreneur is on a mission to change beauty standards. Her second video, a DIY version of colour correcting went viral. Now she has 323k followers on Instagram, 289k subscribers on YouTube and her own brand called ‘live tinted.’ She is shattering all the stigmas related to women and makeup Kaushal (@kaushal)

Her Kylie Jenner-inspired makeup look went viral with over 11 million views. Kaushal now has a strong large audience on YouTube with 2.28 million subscribers. She also has 974k followers on Instagram. The easy-to-follow tutorial, detailed reviews and makeup look have got everyone hooked. Shalini Samuel (@knot_me_pretty)

From beauty to skincare to hairstyle Shalini Samuel aka ‘knot me pretty’ as her Instagram handle says, has built a great audience for her with over 969k subscribers on YouTube and 454 k followers on Instagram. Her YouTube channel is all about beauty and fashion reviews, tips, tutorials and hacks. Sherry Shroff (@sherryshroff)

When talking about influencers how can we forget about this all-rounder influencer? Along with beauty and fashion content, Sherry Shroff also makes content on travel and lifestyle. This model turned influencer has around 323k subscribers on YouTube and 246k followers on Instagram. 

Who are the best beauty influencers in India?

Ans. Shreya Jain, Malvika Sitlani, Debasree Banarjee and Ankita Chaturvedi are a few of the best beauty influencers in India. To know about more beauty influencers, read the blog above.