3 Considerations When Selecting a Gun Belt

There are many ways to carry a concealed weapon and with full lines of concealed carry clothing, holsters and off-body carry devices, sometimes it’s hard to know what to pick. One of the easiest and oldest tools for carrying a gun is the gun belt and there are many reasons it’s still worth considering today.

1. Supports Drawing

Most people carry a gun for self-defense, making the ease with which they can draw imperative in the selection of carrying attire. It’s easy to think this is all about the quality of the belt holsters when, in reality, the quality of the belt is equally important. A flimsy belt won’t support the gun and holster. A light, well-made belt that also fits properly will not only support the weapon but will do so in a way that supports ease of drawing.

2. Ensures Safety

While modern firearms have a variety of safety features to help prevent drop-fires nothing is foolproof. The added protection of the passive retention of a holster attached to a well-fitting gun belt significantly reduces the likelihood of dropping and accidentally firing your weapon.

3. Other Advantages

The best gun belt is one that holds your gun in place, is durable, and fits well. While you can attach a holster or other carrying device to most belts, that doesn’t guarantee that you will be getting the best bang for your buck. Look for products that are weatherproof, not prone to stretching, and have appropriate rigidity. Since the idea of concealed carry is concealment, it’s important that the holster and gun don’t lean away from your body because your belt can’t support the weight.

When you start carrying concealed it’s easy to think primarily about your firearm. However, how you carry your weapon is just as important as the weapon you choose and finding the equipment that works best for you can significantly improve the safety and comfort of your concealed carry experience.