4 Essential Personnel You Need for Your Bar

Opening a bar in a popular area can be very lucrative. The people you hire to take care of your business can be as essential to its success as the location. There are four main personnel needs you should fill before you open the doors.

1. Bartenders

If the bar is central to your business plan, the people serving the drinks should be stellar. Make sure they have the right license for your state. Great bartenders know more than how to make cocktails, though. They must also have excellent customer service skills.

2. Restaurant Staff

If you plan on serving anything more than peanuts at the bar, you need the same staff you would need if you were opening a restaurant. You need waitstaff to take the orders and tend to the customers, kitchen staff to prepare the food and those who bus tables and wash dishes to do cleanup.

3. Security

Bars are central to a city’s nightlife. Since your establishment will be open longer hours, it behooves you to have employees who are tasked with protecting it. Private security guard Louisiana can ensure that both your building and patrons stay safe and orderly.

4. Manager

When you are first starting out with a new business, you may take on a lot of the management work yourself. As the owner, however, you eventually want to focus more on the behind-the-scenes work. You also may want to be able to have your business open when you aren’t there. To do that, you need someone else to oversee the staff and manage the business when you are away.

Opening a bar is a lot of work, but it can be exciting and rewarding. Making sure you have the right staff to also make it successful can help you keep it open long enough to reap those rewards.