Tips for Creating Unique Packaging


Whether you sell food products, household goods or bath and beauty items, the packing that houses your products makes a difference. The consumer packaged goods market is getting more creative every day and driving brands to create unique experiences with their products. Getting your packaging to tell your story and feel inviting can be a tough task, though. That’s why it can help to follow these easy tips for creating unique packaging.

Create an Experience

Package concepts and materials should all be part of your overall brand experience. Customers want to feel like they know you, like your friends, like they’re part of a larger experience through your brand. This is so many companies are opting to add unique features to their packaging.

Brands that rely on monthly subscriptions might add little notes like “Hey, there!” or “It’s finally here!” on their boxes to engage consumers. Vital Farms includes bonus artwork and fun facts on the inside of their butter packaging. Little things like this can serve as fun ways for customers to interact with your brand and learn more about your mission.

Consider Its Function

It’s easy to get sucked into the design of your product, but you want to make sure it’s functional too. So when you’re choosing materials and coming up with the construction think about three things:

  • How will it be shipped?
  • How will it be opened?
  • How will it be used?

Your packaging design should meet the needs of your product and customer at all three of these stages. It should be safely protected from dangers during shipping, easy to access once it’s delivered and simple to use effectively.

Keep It Simple

A major aspect of any packaging is your messaging. Your package isn’t meant to tell your entire brand story; it’s there to give the highlights. Include a powerful marketing message, but try to keep it as simple as you can. For example, if your brand is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, you could include a simple phrase like “Eliminating 20% of greenhouse gasses every day.” This shows people you’re committed to a higher cause without overwhelming them with information when they’re trying to learn about your product. You could always include links to your social media accounts or web page for people to learn more about your mission.

Creating unique packaging is easy if you can create an experience, consider its function and keep your message simple.