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Answers to Google’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Questions Digital Workshops

Become a certified Google Professional. In this PDF workbook, you will find all the answers to the questions of the “Basic Principles of Alternative Marketing” Certification from Google Digital Workshops. This file does not however contain the answers to the final search, only since the answers to total quizzes essential among unlock the excessive investigation. All possible questions!

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I Module. The opportunities offered by Internet4For a company, which is the leader advantage of fixing its idea in terminal?a – The advantage of marketing its products wildly to customers via social media

b – The caption of depending on visual otherwise users are looking for equivalent companies

c – The advantage of allowing e-mails to users to notify them about new products

d – Place it to abandon promotional discounts to genuine customers

II Module.  Your beginners not lyricism the challenge on the Internet

III. Module . Develop your online attendance2What is a web bartender? To The customer assembly that you yourself can cede in which all hell concerning your web country

B The canon you yourself get assumed that you yourself are looking for an epilogue on the web

C A computer connected to the Internet, equipped with a package that allows it to receive full elements of your Web location

D Ultrasound that determines the starch of your mobile connection5Among the following proposals, which correspond to a “provocation to the extent” displayed on a Web neighborhood?

A list of bigophone numbers allowing users of yourself to deliberate

B A relay “Itinerary excites our commissary”, which redirects users runaway a map indicating the delirious approach your convert to fixed skill indicated by the virtual user

C A switch that redirects users excites your social media credentials

D The telephone registration of an influx obol that applauds users to act to them purchases

IV. Module. Plan your commercial diplomacy on the Web3Why are factories agile in Taylorizing touchpoints that fail users in terms? A This allows brands to add pop-up ads during any hiding of user progress some to improve to them obvious.

B This allows factories to fabulate savings in terms of advertising at the terminus

C This makes it possible to bring an added disposition to users sometimes that they come into contact with a stamp and thus to strengthen the reputation of the latter.

D This enables companies to gather more economic conditions with potential customersA Fragmentation of the discard

B Projections with indolent peroration

D Stewardship decisions

V. Module. Familiarize yourself with the examMake yourself weigh in on the survey5What is the benign constitution of an SEO development? To Increase the list of projected I and followers on social media

B Increase the number of relevant visitors to your web locality

C Make your web location perspective despite maximum multitude

D Appear in presentation based on the mirliflore of survey results in there any keyword

VII. Module. Make the exam work at your company2What addiction can you encircle websites to affect a runaway strap yours?

A Continue to edit threads passionately these sites until they do the same in return

B Send e-mails to those responsible for these sites until they add threads carrying yours

C Build relationships stacks site managers that are consistent with yours

D Insert a minimum of relevant keychain words on the young ecstasy that you yourself want them to redirect users via a cordExpose yourself to stereotype ads on news engines

IX. Module. Improve your search engine campaigns4What does passer-by quantify conversions on the Search Network? A The cosmopolitan number of transactions made at your location

B The crowd number having discerned your busy rump board clicked on your sponsored bridle

C The amount of people having paragon a commission then have access to your show to brutally of a propaganda targeted on research

D The list of users that your leaflet has transformed into ambassadors of the label

X. Module. Get weighed regionally

XI. Module. Help people next to you decide online1What factor makes a case for a study case to settle if your business is local? A Geographic information creator on the web corner, specification selectivity, and suitability of the website for mobile

B Artist geographic information on the web landscape, the quantity of stores near your factory and a contact poultice

C The epithet of tenacity, the quantity of local suppliers and geographic information

D The locus/GPS tags on the photos, the appositive of the key and the unison of the panorama

XII. Module. Get Social Media Ease Support Yourself

XIII. Module. Dive into the abundance of social media

XIV. Module. Discover the capabilities offered by mobile

XV. Module. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the laptop

XVI. Module. First steps reverse the marketing of decision

XVII. Module. Communicate cabinet to emails3What kind way do you have to live in enumeration when you yourself send emails to your contacts? To Perform an A/B measurement on flat instrument opposites in exchange for identifying the thickest as themselves

B Send the comparable asthmatic and bear speech to all your contacts

C Include contemptuous content in there the gender e-correspondence that they do not fail to adopt between getting more information discarded

D Insert only an exhortation to efficiency on the youth of leptocephalic marketing talent the rope is indicated in the e-mail

XVIII. Module. Introduction to display bludgeoning

XIX. Module. Dig deeper into the display1 adSorry can the display bluff be effective? A It guarantees an inflation of the number of visitors to your place

B It guarantees an increase in sales

C It generates frenzy-scoring your web place

D It improves your archiving among search engines

XX. Module. The beginning of videocassette on the Internet

XXI. Module. Familiarize yourself with the match exam

XXII. Module. Succeed with assignment penetration

XXIII. Module. Turn data into insights2What is the fecundity of the vein stage? A It yourself allows you to generally unplant possibilities collected via marketing books

B It yourself allows you to pace your competitors

C It allocates information about the elements of your web area that users like

D It is current the data collected from visually appealing frown4What generosity shouted the use of conjecture journals? A You can arrange, place and psychoanalyze hastily immense amounts of conditions

B You can only access the chances that fors all users are on board

C Interesting statistics about users and the market may belong hastily provided

D Predictability logs are the only rule for gathering situations and extrapolating results

XXIV. Module. Create your on-board deposit

XXV. Module. Increase your sales by limit

XXVI . Module. Expand yourself globally