Elevate Your Shooting Experience With Red Dot Optic Cuts For Glock 43x

Glock 43x is a slimline pistol that’s perfect for concealed carry. It has a lot going for it, including a solid trigger, smooth finger grooves, and front serrations that give you extra leverage when manipulating the slide.
Red dot optics are a great way to upgrade your pistol. However, there are several things to consider before choosing the right one.

Size and Weight

For a pistol that’s designed for concealed carry, size matters. The glock 43X isn’t the most miniature gun you can buy, but it’s also not too big that it won’t fit in your hand or be challenging to conceal.

The fence has a rail for mounting weapon-mounted lights and accessories. An adapter plate allows the mounting of non-standard footprint lights like the stream light TLR-7 Sub.

If you add a red dot optic cuts for 43x, the optic must be the right size and weight for the pistol. A too-large or heavy red dot can make the firearm feel unbalanced and awkward. A too-light red dot may lose its zero quickly. It’s also essential to choose a battery with a long life. That way, you’ll have plenty of power to shoot in the dark or through a rainstorm without changing batteries frequently.


The reticle is the pointer or dot that sits in your sight picture. It’s essential to choose a reticle that is easy to acquire and use effectively. The reticle should also be large enough to see and use at close ranges.
People with astigmatism or other eyesight issues may have trouble getting a crisp sight picture in red-dot sights. It can be alleviated by trying a green reticle or a different reticle model to find the one that works best for you.

The glock 43X has an MOS cut designed to accept red dot optics with a micro footprint, a popular choice for this gun. This feature makes it possible to mount the optic directly to the glock slide without needing an adapter plate. The optic is highly durable, features a bright reticle, and includes a mount for left-handed shooters.


Glock pistols are not the smallest by design, and adding an optic will make them slightly taller. Thankfully, most red dots are designed to be compact and lightweight so that they barely add any additional height to the gun.

There are various durable optics available for firearms, catering to different uses and preferences, such as concealed carry or micro red dots. Some of these optics have a long battery life and can withstand abuse.


The Glock 43X is a slimline pistol and carries easily. It can be carried OWB or IWB, and it fits comfortably in your waistband.
Adding a red dot eliminates the short sight radius and makes aiming much more accessible, although getting good with a small gun and optic takes practice. Many companies offer red dot mounts for glocks, but they can be expensive and often only work with a specific type of optic.

An affordable solution is offered through a patented optic mount. It allows you to attach a red dot sight with the added benefits of a Picatinny rail and charging handle. It also requires no modification to the slide. Remove the rear sight dovetail, remove the striker cover, and install the mount. Then, add the red dot of your choice, and your pistol is ready for action. It even works with a model of optic that doesn’t have a direct mount, making it highly versatile.