Modern Style Living Room Decoration

Living Room Decoration

You have to the living room decoration as well as possible. This is the first room in your house where you receive guests. You will place people who visit your home in this room. So you have to design this living room as well as possible to create a good first impression. Make people who come to the house feel immediately impressed by the attractive arrangement of the living room design.

One of the interesting designs that you can implement in the living room is a modern design. Yes, modern living room designs are currently very popular in Indonesia, especially in urban areas. Modern style in the living room is able to create a very attractive, stunning, luxurious impression, and can support the activities in it. Your living room can really work. As a result, the living room feels very comfortable when you live in it.

Below are complete tips that you can try to apply yourself at home on how to arrange a living room that has a modern atmosphere. You can definitely do it yourself!

Create a Focal Point in a Modern Style Living Room

You don’t need to buy a lot of new furniture to create a modern impression on your home interior. Enough with furniture with a simple but unique appearance, you can easily create a strong modern impression. For example, in the arrangement of lighting in the living room, you can add decorative lights or wall lights. Wall lamps have a function as room decoration while strengthening the presence of furniture next to them. The design idea here is to spread the light reflections from the wall lights that hit the furniture to spread throughout so that the elements in the furniture look as if they are modern.

Make Accessories Look Modern

As mentioned above, creating modern d√©cor doesn’t always mean using new accessories and furniture. You can still create a modern impression, even though the accessories used are far from modern and are more affordable. Usually, the way that is done is to give a distinctive touch of modern nuances in order to create modernity in it. As for touching the accessories in question, namely accessories that are shiny, elegant, and have modern distinctive colors such as black, silvery white, and gray.

Abstract Decoration

The modern room decoration trend that is currently on the rise is the abstract style. If you incorporate this abstract element into your living room, it will easily make the atmosphere in it look more modern. As a first step, you can choose paintings and wall clocks with abstract designs to serve as the main focus of the living room. You can use these objects as room accessories. Try placing it in the most appropriate corner of the living room. Remember, not too much because it will make the atmosphere of the room look crowded and uncomfortable.

Use of Modern Typical Colors

Color selection is also important when you want to create a modern concept in the living room. Generally, modern-style houses are painted using black, white, and gray. Therefore, it is recommended that you stick to these three colors in making coloring for a modern living room. In addition, wall patterns and textures also focus on using plain color displays and avoiding the use of shiny paint. The walls are left as they are and a painting is hung as a sweetener.

Floor Area Arrangement

The last tip is choosing the floor for the living room. The floors used for modern living rooms are usually made of ceramic and marble. You can also use dark-colored granite and parquet to create a more natural, futuristic impression. The appearance of the floor in the living room needs to highlight its elegant side because this room is public and is used specifically to receive guests. You can try adding carpet to incorporate warm elements into the room so that it looks more inviting and feels comfortable.