Top 10 K-Beauty YouTube Influencers You Should Know

Before YouTube, people turned to beauty magazines and makeup counters to learn beauty skills. However, searching for a makeup tutorial online will yield hundreds of thousands of results, thanks to YouTube. For over 14 years, YouTube has gathered tons of content from makeup artists and beauty fanatics who shared their tips and tricks on the platform. K-Beauty YouTube Influencers started to gain global attention as the K-beauty industry exploded in 2013. The K-beauty YouTube community has grown tremendously since, and some K-Beauty YouTube Influencers have gone on to promote their makeup products through their channels.

In 2023 many now rely on ordering their beauty products online and watching YouTube influencers or TikTok influencers to find the best product. It will not be long before virtual influencers in Korea enter the beauty market as well.

They are the key influencers in establishing the latest Korean beauty standards. Below we are highlighting the top 10 K-beauty Influencers to follow in 2023. They have years of experience in the K-beauty industry and can help you find the look you are looking for. PONY Syndrome 

Pony’s real name is Park Hye-min. Her YouTube channel PONY Syndrome has played a major role in helping take K-beauty global. Her beauty transformation into celebrities such as Scarlet Johanson and Taylor Swift went viral globally. This allowed her launch her makeup brand called Pony Effect beauty by partnering with Korean beauty retailer Memebox. Two years later, in 2017, she got listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia for her influence in the K-beauty industry. PONY regularly posts makeup tutorials and transformation videos for her fans, with various beauty tips and tricks for her ever-growing audience. She has also been the brand ambassador for Korean beauty brands Etude House and global beauty brand Bobbi Brown. She is one of the top YouTubers in all of Korea. 

Subscribers: 5.95 millionRisabae

Risabae comes in at #2 on our list of the top K-beauty YouTube Influencers. She started as a member of MBC’s special effects makeup team before becoming a makeup artist on YouTube. Similar to Pony, Risabae is also known for her amazing transformation skills. She regularly uploads her transformations on her Instagram account, where she has over 1 million followers. Her most famous transformation was becoming the popular Kpop idol Minnie from (G)I-DLE. However, she does all kinds of changes, such as becoming the Disney character Maleficent. She has found such great success because she teaches how to achieve all kinds of looks through step-by-step video tutorials. Back in 2018, Risabae won the Korean Consumer Forum’s 2018 Brand of the Year Award.

Subscribers: 2.26 millionMichelle Choi

Michelle is a famous YouTube vlogger that also does content related to Kbeauty. She lives in New York City, and her channel is about her life. Her “Living Alone Diaries” have been a great series for young women who are looking to venture out on their own. She focuses a lot on natural Korean beauty makeup. Her video on How to Get Glass Skin/Korean Skin Routine has over 2 million views alone. While she does not have too much content solely on KBeauty, we highly recommend that anyone curious about Kbeauty routines follow hers. She speaks perfect English and will explain exactly what the Kbeauty routine is about.

Subscribers: 1.87 millionEdward Avila

The only male K-beauty YouTube influencer on this list is Edward Avila. He is half-American and half-Filipino and currently lives in Seoul, South Korea. He is not only a beauty/makeup guru but also a musical artist. Edward became famous for this K-beauty content/vlogs. His K-beauty skincare content focuses a lot on emulating looks inspired by famous Kpop idols/Chinese stars. He is considered the go-to channel for men looking to replicate the hairstyles and faces of their favorite Asian celebrities. While he does not have professional training as a makeup artist, he makes up for that through his personality and audience engagement. He has been reviewing Kbeauty products, makeovers, and hairstyling videos.

Those looking for great Kbeauty makeup tutorials should follow SSIN. She is a YouTube beauty expert known for her beauty and skincare videos. She does a lot of collaborations with Kbeauty brands and Kpop idols/groups. Fans love her fun personality as well as her strict honesty when it comes to the products she reviews. In addition, she is one of the more active YouTube influencers when it comes to fan engagement. She often replies to comments left by her fans on the YouTube comments section.

Subscribers: 1.47 millionSunny’s Channel

Those that are fans of Kpop idols need to follow Sunny’s Channel. She is one of the top Kbeauty YouTube Influencers when it comes to Kpop Idol transformations. Some of her best work has been becoming Suzy, Tzuyu (Twice), Jennie (BLACKPINK), and CL. The only issue is that most of her videos do not have English subtitles. However, you can still follow along as she shows the products and applies them slowly. There are English subtitles for some of her videos, such as becoming Seolhyun (AOA), Hani (EXID), and Joy (Red Velvet). In our opinion, her transformations are the most shocking, showing just how great she is at what she does.

Subscribers: 1.08 millionYoo’s Beauty

Yoo’s Beauty was started by Heejoo Yoo, and is known for her unique makeup tutorials that focus on unconventional styles and the use of bold colors. Since she spent her childhood in Colombia, you will be able to find many of her videos in Spanish. She is the top Kbeauty YouTube Influencer for the Spanish audience. While many of the videos are dubbed in Spanish, the texts shown are all in English, so it is very easy to follow along.

Gothamista is run by Renee, who is an expert in Kbeauty skincare products. She has been involved in the beauty and lifestyle industry as a buyer for over a decade. During that time, she reviewed and tried many brands and products. She has not only her YouTube channel but also her blog. Those interested in finding the latest Kbeauty products should follow her channel. In addition, she goes in-depth into the best products for particular skin types. The educational information provided by her channel will help you choose the best products for your skin.

Leeanfilm is a great channel to go to for both hairstyle and makeup tutorials. She shows you actually not to cut and style your hair on your own. After watching her videos, you will be able to not only cut your bangs but also cut layers. Her makeup tutorials are also great and are very popular among the college crowd. Best of all, she offers English subtitles, which are crucial to getting the look just right.

Subscribers: 583,000Kim Dayeong

Kim Dayeong’s YouTube channel is great for those looking for in-depth and detailed Kbeauty makeup tutorials. She is seen as one of the originals regarding K-beauty YouTube Influencers. When watching her videos, she does a great job of explaining that the tutorials she offers should not be followed 100%. The tutorials are straightforward, and English subtitles even accompany some. She has been doing YouTube videos for almost ten years, so she knows what she is doing. For those looking for an authentic Korean skincare routine from a real Korean living in Korea, follow Kim Dayeong. However, be warned most of her content is in Korean.

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