Top 37 Beauty Influencers in the UK

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your brand online and increase awareness among your target audience. 61% of consumers trust the product recommendations they get from influencers. Meanwhile, only 38% trust branded social media content. As an agency beauty that regularly works with influencers at The Social Shepherd, we’ve identified the top beauty influencers in the UK based on their key social media channels, the value they offer to businesses and their social media following and engagement rate (ER). These influencers have a proven track record of creating engaging content, building a loyal following, and driving results for their partners. Whether you’re interested in makeup, hair, skincare, or nail influencers, you’ll find the perfect fit in our list. So, you’re looking for the best beauty influencers in the UK to work with? Well, you’re in the right place. Here are the top UK beauty influencers that beauty brands should consider working with for their marketing campaigns. Best Makeup Influencers in the UK1. Farhana Oberson@farhana_obersonInstagram: 175K followers – ER: 10.17%Farhana is a travel and lifestyle content creator who loves to inspire, educate and entertain through creating content on beauty, skin and lifestyle. She is a makeup artist who creates stunning looks with her signature bold lip colours and eye shadows. Her content focuses on creating easy-to-follow tutorials that can be recreated at home. Farhana also shares her personal style and fashion advice with her followers. 2. Kassie@official_kassie_Instagram: 265K followers – ER: 5.44%The proclaimed ‘world’s youngest makeup artist’, Kassie, is a 6-year-old TikTok makeup artist with fans including Huda Kattan and Fenty Beauty, who’s going viral for creating looks (usually on her mum!) You name it, Kassie can contour, blend eyeshadow & put on falsies, and she is getting big recognition from beauty brands and her favourite makeup artists. “You can do anything with makeup. You can get as creative as you want,” as Kassie says of her craft. 3. Atarah Mayhew@atarah.__Instagram: 108K followers – ER: 5.97%Atarah Mayhew is a well-known makeup artist for her tutorial videos, which mostly centre on eye makeup and range from casual looks and hacks to flashy colours and unique line compositions. Although she frequently emphasises beauty, she also teaches viewers how to construct costume outfits, many of which are focused on fancy dress. She uploaded a video in March 2022 in which she creates a makeup look with a TikTok filter and then recreates it. The video received over 60 million views. She occasionally posts videos where she recreates characters from TV series and films like Betty Boop and Avatar. 4. Anjeni Khusul@anjenikhusulInstagram: 106K followers – ER: 18.28%Digital creator who uses her @anjenikhusul TikTok account for beauty content, especially makeup tutorials, product reviews, and transition videos. She also posts hairstyle tutorials and advice. One of her most popular videos revolves around her morning skincare routine, gaining over 3 million views. Anjeni’s Instagram page features stunning photos of her work and helpful tutorials showing you how to recreate them at home. 5. Rohima@rohiimaaaInstagram: 68.9K followers – ER: 18.15%Rohima is a beauty influencer who creates content about makeup tutorials & product reviews tailored towards South Asian skin tones! Rohima’s Instagram page features gorgeous photos of her work and helpful tutorials showing followers how to do it themselves. She also offers personalised advice on skincare routines and makeup application techniques so you can perfect your look every time! 6. Lydia Fowler@lydiafowlerInstagram: 210K followers – ER: 4.87%Lydia Fowler is a makeup artist and influencer passionate about all things beauty. With over 210,000 followers on Instagram, she has built a devoted following thanks to her inspiring and relatable makeup tutorials, reviews and lookbooks. Known for her signature natural yet polished look, she is a master of subtle and sophisticated makeup techniques. Her audience primarily comprises women who appreciate her honest and relatable approach to beauty. Brands looking to reach an audience of beauty enthusiasts, looking for inspiration and tips on how to achieve a natural yet polished look, would find Lydia to be a valuable influencer for their campaigns. Best Hair Influencers in the UK7. Samuel Bentham@samrascals_Instagram: 410K followers – ER: 3.78%Samuel Bentham is a hair influencer and stylist based in the UK. He has a large following on Instagram, where he shares his expertise in hair styling, hair care, and grooming. He focuses on men’s hair and is known for his creative and bold styles. From Geordie Shore to short back and sides, Samuel’s high engagement rate and large following make him a valuable influencer for brands in the hair and beauty industry to work with. 8. Mia Mauge@miamaugeInstagram: 55.2K followers – ER: 3.96%Mia is driven by passion and a zest for life, and by sharing her personal experience, she hopes to transform the way menopause and ageing are portrayed. Mia is regarded as a role model for both the older and younger generations because of her advice on embracing middle age with vigour and admiration for oneself.