Top 5 Ways to Remove Pimple Scars Without Surgery

Pimple, after they are gone, leave a certain mark. The minor zits, after healing, may leave a hyperpigmented or slightly dark area. Those pimples which have been squeezed and pricked by an untrained hand, almost always leave either a deeper grove, a crater with an unusual skin texture and hyperpigmentation. Although these may fade away after years, it is still annoying that every time we look at the mirror, the residue of the pimples is still there. There are several ways by which we can get rid of these marks at the comfort of our home and here are the following:

 Use A Good Bleaching Cream To Decrease The Dark Spots Or The Hyperpigmented Areas

Bleaching creams does lighten the scars by reducing the melanin over the area. These creams can be obtained from the dermatologist’s own preparation, or from any cosmetic store. Most of these creams contain a substance called “hydroquinone”

Exfoliate Manually

A diamond peel can remove the outer layer of the skin revealing a brighter and better-textured skin below. You can do this at home by using skin exfoliants such as “facial scrubs”, “polish peels” and some rough facial wash with lemon extracts. The scar or pimple mark may be removed gradually through this as this will definitely take time.

Use Scar Treatment Ointments And Creams

There are over-the-counter preparations like “Hirudoid” that promise a scar reducing and scar mark fading result. Follow the given instructions for usage for every product and you will see the effectiveness around 2 to 3 months after continuous use.

Try Creams And Lotions Containing Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

These acid types are naturally occurring and can be found in food. When taken through diet or used as topical agents such as in lotions and creams,  it promotes better skin cell regeneration and faster cellular turn over more especially evident over the affected area. These products can be purchased from dermatologists or from any skincare and cosmetic section in a department store more popularly known as “AHA” or alpha-hydroxy acids.

Have A Healthy Diet Rich In Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, And Antioxidants

Healing depends on the person’s nourishment. Nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals are to use in cell growth and cellular repair. Without adequate levels of these nutrients in the body, healing definitely will be hampered and be prolonged. Scar tissues will also be harder and will take time to fade or to remove in this case.

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