Types of Sports that Match Your Personality

Have you ever felt that when you do certain sports, even if it’s trending, you don’t really enjoy it? Not to mention, currently, there are so many types and names of sports in fitness centers that make you wonder: is that sport right for me? Instead of just following the trend and then not continuing because you don’t enjoy it, it’s better to find a type of sport that really fits. Choosing the right sport means that you will stick to it longer, and the benefits will be maximized.

So, before starting sports, it’s a good idea to get to know your character first. Only then is it adjusted to the type of sport that suits that character. How to do? Take a peek at the various types of sports that match your character.

Sports that are Suitable for the Jovial

Music and sports are the most suitable combination for someone with a cheerful and energetic character. Well, you can take a Zumba or Aerobics class that combines these two things. Both of these sports use upbeat tempo strains with intense movements. Not only fun, but you will also burn quite a lot of calories doing this activity, which is as much as 300 calories per hour!

The Productive

For a productive person who is full of enthusiasm, I think you must be very happy with active things. Doing HIIT (high-intensity workouts), could be suitable for your character.

Free up all your energy through lifting weights or muay Thai. Guaranteed you will do it wholeheartedly until you reach the goal. The benefits obtained are also not arbitrary. In addition to burning lots of calories, body stamina will also be trained.


For someone who doesn’t really like crowds, don’t worry, there are still sports that are right for you, namely yoga and Pilates. These two types of sports are indeed focused on calming the body as well as the mind. Even so, you will still get many benefits from this sport. Some of them are better body balance, and flexibility, to reduce stress well.

The Adventurer

Just as the name is adventurous, you are sure to like things that are full of risks and challenges. Actually, the adventurer is quite adaptable to various types of sports, because basically, you are happy to try new things.

Want to do indoor sports? You can work out in the gym and try various types of equipment there. Meeting lots of people and new experiences is one of your goals. Want something more challenging? You can also try hiking, rock climbing, and horse riding to satisfy your adrenaline.

The Lazy One

When you have free time, do you just like to relax at home instead of going to the gym? Take it easy, because there’s no reason to skip sports. The sophistication of today’s technology really allows you to do sports anytime anywhere. Even with minimal preparation though!

That way, even at home, you can spend 10-30 minutes of your leisure time doing workouts at home. Bicycling or walking leisurely can also be an option. Try to choose a route that is not too far from home and do it while listening to your favorite music.