3 Benefits of Working With a Local Insurance Agency

Working with a local insurance agent can help you balance coverage and pricing and advise you on territory rating and multiple-policy discounts. In addition, these agents can provide you with a better experience than a national or corporate agent. 


If you are an insurance agent, referrals are one of the best ways to generate new business. Potential clients will trust recommendations from people they know, so if you want to attract new business, you should implement a system for collecting online reviews. In addition, online reviews serve as social proof for your business, so you should claim your agency’s profile on top review sites and include links to your profile in follow-up emails.

Florida Insurance Agency can get more business through referrals than any other form of marketing. Referrals are the most organic and cost-effective form of advertising, and many agents agree that they are their number one source of new business. Referrals come from satisfied customers who recommend an insurance agent to friends and family. These customers are more likely to convert than any other type of customer, and they usually spend more money than different types of customers. Referrals can also help your business remain stable and profitable.

Referrals are another cost-effective way to increase your agency’s revenue. They are generated by existing clients passing along information about their experience working with an insurance agency. Referrals also have a high probability of becoming new customers, and they can even come to your insurance agency themselves. As a result, referrals can help you develop your book of business and help you achieve your goals.¬†

Building a book of business

If you have been dreaming of owning your insurance agency for years, you might consider buying a book of business. Purchasing a business book is a great way to increase your agency’s book of business and build bonus income with a carrier. However, before making the plunge, you should consider how much time and money you are willing to spend organizing your agency’s records.

A book of business is an insurance agent’s database, or list, of client accounts. It contains information on a client’s insurance policy and related personal information. An insurance agent should maintain his business book as often as possible to track growth. This database will help an insurance agent review information on past clients and determine the best ways to contact them.

As for the profitability of the book of business, it usually ranges from fifteen to twenty-five percent, depending on the type of insurance agency you buy. Although, the Insurance Journal recommends not rolling a book of business into a standalone firm because it can hurt your profits. Moreover, an experienced agent cannot expect all of his customers to stay in the same company, which means they might lose money early.

Building a client base

Managing your client base can be demanding, and you’ll want to ensure you’re taking the right approach. First, consider building a rapport with your clients by attending community events and participating in volunteer work. By donating your time and efforts to the community, you’ll make a relationship and be able to refer clients to each other. Secondly, consider volunteering at local nonprofits and participating in local events. These efforts will create a lasting impression and make you the go-to insurance agent in the community.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a proven method of advertising. According to HubSpot, 81% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over business advertisements. When your insurance agency partners with other local businesses, you can get referrals from these new customers. These referrals will eventually turn into clients for your business. Building a client base through referrals will also boost your business. However, you must be mindful of potential scams and stay away from those who are out to rip off the insurance industry.

The most effective way to build a client base when working with a locally-owned insurance agency is to get involved in the community. You can build a good reputation by giving your services to local organizations, sponsoring local sports teams, volunteering for local groups, buying booth space at community events, etc. This way, you’ll gain more clients, filling in the gaps left by people who haven’t renewed their insurance policies.