4 Easy Ways To Organize Your Office on a Budget

It is difficult to be productive if your workspace is not organized. Whether you work from home or at a business location, use these four quick, easy, and budget-friendly organization tips to create a functional office space.

1. Sort Your Paperwork

A functional office requires an organized filing system. First, collect all your important documents. Next, use labeled filing folders to separate the documents by type; you can purchase file folders and labels at your local dollar store. Then, sort the documents within the folders in chronological or alphabetical order. Finally, place them in a secure location. There are plenty of used office file cabinets for sale that could suit your needs.

2. Purge Unnecessary Items

Did you come across documents that you do not need while organizing your paperwork? If so, shred them and recycle them.

Next, go through your desk drawers. Remove any items that are not work-related and recycle them, donate them, put them elsewhere, or trash them as appropriate. If you have surplus office supplies – for example, excess stacks of loose-leaf paper or dozens of unused pens – donate them to a school, a shelter, a daycare, or a charity.

3. Create a Mail System

Some documents will not stay in your office long enough to be placed into your file cabinet. Create a mail system to streamline the inward and outward flow of these items. This can be as simple as obtaining two paper-sized baskets and labeling them “In” and “Out”.

4. Make a Calendar

Calendars are important tools, especially for people who must meet strict deadlines or attend frequent meetings. Inexpensive calendars can be found at many brick-and-mortar stores. However, there are also free printable calendars that can be found online.

An organized office will help you efficiently produce excellent work results. Once you organize your office using these four tips, keep it tidy by going through the organization process on a weekly or monthly basis.