Ways to Burn Fat Without Going to the Gym

Sometimes, hitting the gym just doesn’t fit into our schedules. We have meetings, appointments, kids to pick up from school, shopping, and a host of other distractions that plague the average American. But just because you can’t make it to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t get a full cardio workout to burn away those pesky extra pounds. Here are five great ways to build up your cardio and lose weight without going to the gym.


Although dancing won’t burn away as many calories and fat as some other workouts, very few can rival the sheer entertainment value of busting a move. In a simple 30-minute dance session, you can burn over 200 calories; not bad considering you will also probably boost your mood in the process. The best way to optimize your dance-cardio session is to bounce to tunes that are highly rhythmic. Although popular dance music will do the job, consider getting your groove on to Latin tunes, or even better, try listening to a Bollywood soundtrack: Indian movies are famous for up-beat dance routines that will keep a smile on your face.


In-line skating is possibly the best way to shed pounds with respect to cardio exercises. In just a half-hour workout, you will burn a staggering 425 calories! This is also a great way to strengthen your thighs and backside, to give you that perfect figure you’ve always wanted. Rollerblading truly is a full-body workout; not just your legs and rear will get a workout but also your abs and even your back.


If rollerblading isn’t your bag, traditional jogging provides an adequate cardio workout on its own. Jogging burns only 50 calories less than rollerblading; allowing you to cut away 375 calories in only 30 minutes. Jogging will also help strengthen your legs, back, and core; all of which are the best places to burn away nagging fat. To get the most out of your jogs, try to sprint for 30 seconds, followed by a few minutes of steady jogging. Once in a while, sprint to get your legs going. Also, don’t avoid hills; they can prove to be your best fat-burner.

A Good Walk

Compared to jogging and in-line skating, a good brisk walk is easier but still does the job of burning away calories. A brisk, vigorous walk for half an hour will successfully burn away 170 calories. Although this doesn’t sound like much, it is easy to do and therefore something that you will likely not skip. Rollerblading can be exhausting, which means you may just find it tempting to skip it. But a good walk is simple which means you will likely stick to it and not ditch the walk just because you’re too tired.

Jump Rope

If it’s good enough for Rocky, it should be good enough for you! Like dancing, jump rope is a fair bit of fun and will make you nostalgic about your school days. But aside from the obvious fun involved, jumping rope will burn away 350 calories in only 30 minutes making this a must for anyone serious about their cardio workout.