7 Tips for Choosing an Animal Daycare

Animal Daycare

Having cats and dogs is fun. These animals are able to entertain us every time. Problems arise when we are going to be traveling out of town for a long time while bringing cats and dogs along will torture them on the trip. So leaving it at the Animal Daycare can be an alternative solution.

Then, how to choose the right animal selection place?

Animal Care Has Patient Officers

The first factor that you need to pay attention to is the nurse’s behavior in handling the animals that are placed in that place. Do they look painstaking or just ignorant of letting the animals stay in the cage? Try going around the room to find out how far they are responsible for the health of the animals kept there.

Clean and Adequate Place

The cleanliness of the room will directly affect the health of the animals that occupy it. Conversely, a dirty room will trigger animals to get diseases, fungi, and bacteria, even fleas. Don’t forget, also make sure the room is of adequate size to accommodate all the animals in it. If it’s too narrow, the room feels stuffy due to the thin availability of oxygen and the atmosphere tends to be noisy.

Customized Meals

Cats and dogs often have difficulty adapting to new environments. Most of these animals will experience stress for a moment when separated from their owners. If this continues, the bad effect will be that your beloved pet’s appetite will decrease and it will be prone to illness. As for one solution to minimize the possibility, try asking the nurse to give your animal’s favorite food regularly. It is hoped that, in this way, the cats and dogs that are entrusted with them can still eat voraciously even though they are experiencing stress.

Pet Habits

Every pet has habits they like, including your favorite cats and dogs. Maybe your cat enjoys clawing at wood and playing with ping pong balls, or your dog enjoys being taken for a jog in the morning. Tell all of this to the nurses so they can treat your animal well.

Proportional Cage Size

Checking the condition of the room in the daycare you choose is something that must be done to ensure its quality. The room that needs more attention is the room where the animal cages are placed. Make sure the cages in the daycare are able to make your pet feel comfortable. If necessary, you can bring your own cage from home. A cage that is too narrow will hinder the movement of animals in it.


It will be better if the place you choose has a private vet. This allows the animal’s health condition to be monitored at any time. Even if something bad happens to your animal, they can provide appropriate and immediate treatment at a moment’s notice.

Animal Portraits

Just before you leave the daycare, don’t forget to take photos of the last condition of your cat and dog. Take photos from all angles of the body. You can use these photos as a comparison of the animal’s condition when you take them later. Even more useful, this photo can be strong evidence if something goes wrong with the animal you entrusted.