Get Fit And Sexy Through The Secrets Of Running And Walking


Running and walking are good workout routines done by most exercisers. These routines aim for the same goal – to achieve optimum health and fitness. However, exercisers should know the advantages and disadvantages of both exercise routines. These two forms of exercise could burn approximately an identical number of calories per mile. Both exercise routines take part in improving the function of the cardiovascular system in the body. However, running seems to have an immediate effect on the body than walking. Walking, on the other hand, is safer on joints than running. Hence, a huge question mark has been drawn by exercisers. Is walking as effective as running?

Running is a high-impact exercise characterized by an overall muscle workout. Running burns calories faster and builds muscle mass, at the same time. One can burn approximately a hundred calories in a mile at a jog. The burning process increases if the pacing is advanced, unlike walking burns calories at a slow rate. Running enhances the cardiovascular and respiratory function of the body, especially when done in intervals.

It is because running tends to overload the lungs and the heart with strength. Running also improves leg muscle strength and bone density. Running on an elevated area develops muscle strength on the legs. It also improves bone density because of the impact on the bones produced by the weight of the body on the ground while running. Running serves as a conditioning activity by most athletes before playing their respective games. On the other hand,  running could give long-term damage to the feet and to the associated structures if it is not done correctly and carefully.

On the other hand, walking is the safest and the most popular exercise among all people. Walking alone can burn for at least a hundred calories in a mile at a brisk pace. Walking is much easier than running. Walking at a constant brisk pace will surely improve the overall health of an individual. Walking can achieve good effects depending on how you manage the routine. Walking is a good exercise for beginners because it is not stressful on the body and it doesn’t require high endurance. The only thing that walking cannot do is build up endurance. Walking is a bad choice for training and warm-up exercises for athletes.

To sum it up, both forms of exercise routines are beneficial to all individuals, more especially to health enthusiasts. It depends on the personal preference of an individual. If a person wants to build up more muscles while losing weight, take running as a daily routine. However, when looking for strain-free exercise while losing weight effectively, try walking. The only key to achieving the perfect fit is the determination and willingness to perform the routine regularly.