How to Wear a Face Mask for Maximum Results

Face Mask

Besides being practical, masks are also preferred because they are able to nourish the skin optimally. So, so you don’t go wrong, check out how to wear a face mask here. Known to be able to maintain the health of facial skin, facial masks are often included in skin care regimens. Where indeed facial masks are also able to help prevent various skin problems. Such as acne, and acne scars to dull skin because of their ability to nourish the skin quickly.

However, unfortunately, the use of face masks for some people does not even provide optimal results, alias just like that. So, if you also feel that way, it means you need to find out how to wear a face mask correctly from start to finish in this article, friend

Clean Face

First of all, the right way to wear a face mask is to start by cleaning your face first to ensure that the dust, dirt, and makeup residue are perfectly lifted from the surface of the facial skin. If the face is clean, the absorption of essence until the pores becomes more perfect. So, Friends can also get maximum results.

Choose a Mask According to Skin Type

This method of wearing a face mask takes into account skin conditions. You see, every human being has a different skin type, so the ingredients used also need to be differentiated as well.

Choose a mask that suits your skin type. For example, oily skin needs a mask that can clean dirt to the fullest. So, it is recommended to use a mask in the form of clay or peel it off so that the oil is completely lifted. However, if you want to use a sheet mask, don’t worry,  has prepared mask recommendations that you can check in this infographic.

Apply the Mask Correctly

So that Friends can experience the maximum benefits, you need to know how to apply it according to the type of mask. For cream, gel, and clay masks, use your fingertips to spread the mask all over your face and try to avoid the eyebrows, lips, and eye areas.  However, for a sheet mask type mask, you need to remove the mask slowly so that the sheet doesn’t tear. Then, attach it parallel to the face and press it slowly.

Limit Usage Time

If the mask you are using is of the wash-off, clay, or sheet mask type. Just let it sit for 15-20 minutes (until it is half dry), OK, friend? If the mask is too long, your skin barrier can be damaged and potentially irritated. Next, just rinse it with warm water and dry it using a soft towel by gently patting it!

Use Moisturizer After the Mask

To maximize the absorption of essence from a sheet mask, Apply a moisturizer afterward. The use of this moisturizer is a barrier so that the active ingredients in essence do not evaporate out after the mask is applied.

Make sure to choose the right moisturizer according to the type of mask you use so that it can be optimal. For example, if you use a mask with Double Hyaluronic Acid. You can use a light gel-textured moisturizer on the skin. Meanwhile. If the mask you are using is of the clay or wash-off type. Use a cream-textured moisturizer to make it more moisturized.

Friends, there are 5 ways to use a face mask that you can try so that the results are maximized. Keep in mind that, to get healthy skin. You need to be consistent because the results of skin care cannot be seen in a day.