If You Are Charged With a Crime in MD, Get a Lawyer

Being charged with a crime in Maryland, as any place else, can be a terrifying experience, even if you are innocent. Getting arrested, taken into custody and questioned by police is an anxiety-inducing and stressful ordeal. If you did not commit the crime, you may feel that you can trust the system to find the true criminal and let you go. However, the criminal justice system is not perfect. Mistakes do happen. Before you say a word to an officer of the law, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney.

Right Away

However it may happen, whether the police take you in cuffs to the station or ask you to come in for an interview because you are a person of interest, don’t go it alone. Contact a criminal law firm in Columbia MD immediately. Everyone who is accused and/or questioned has the right to have an attorney present during that questioning. The police are not always clear in their intentions and utilize many verbal traps and mind games. As a layperson, you don’t have the full knowledge of criminal law in Maryland that an attorney does.

Right to Remain Silent

If you’ve ever watched a police procedural television show, you have heard the Miranda rights. The right to remain silent is nothing to take lightly. Police often try to goad suspects into talking by trying casual conversation. You do not have to say anything. The only phrase you should use is, “I want to call my lawyer”. Then, sit and wait quietly until your attorney arrives. You will then be allowed a private consultation with your lawyer, who will determine the best course of action.

An accusation of criminal activity is a serious matter, even for the innocent. You have a right to legal counsel. Protect yourself by taking advantage of that right.