My Top 10 Beauty Gurus & Influencers – Kimberlalayyy

Hello beauties and happy hump day! I wanted to share with you my top beauty influencers. From the very beginning when I was still figuring out how to apply makeup I followed a couple beauty gurus and influencers for guidance. First I watched their YouTube videos because many beauty influencers weren’t posting videos on Instagram at that time. So enough with the back story, here are my top beauty gurus and influencers.

Be sure to checkout my first blog post here and my latest post here. Patrick Starrr

One of the first people I watched on Youtube doing their makeup was of Patrick Starrr. Not only is he a man but he’s a man who can slay. I was able to meet Patrick in Florida back in 2015. He was teaching a full glamour class at the Primer Hair Show in Orlando. After the class I ran into Patrick and I asked him if I could get a picture and he said yes. Honestly I had a fan girl moment at that point. IG: patrickstarrrMakeupShayla

Next up Shayla Mitchell. I first noticed Shayla on Pinterest from different makeup photos that were posted from her Instagram. Ever since that day she has been one of my top four African American beauty influencers. Whenever I want to try out a new foundation, I see if Shayla has tried it out first because usually my foundation shade is the same as hers. IG: makeupShaylaEllarie

Ellarie, another influencer I found through Pinterest. I learned how to correctly do my brows by her. Her eyebrow shape is similar to mines with a natural high arch but her brows are a little fuller than mines. She also creates stunning makeup tutorials that are easy to follow. IG: ellarieKaty aka LustreLux

I came across Katy by scorlling on YouTube. Besides just liking her makeup skills, I was drawn in by her personality. She’s very laidback and just like beauty myself she’s goofy and fun. Also she’s a Harry Potter fan and at the time most of the beauty gurus and influencers I started to follow didn’t talk much about Harry Potter, but Katy did. IG: katyAaliyahjay

A friend of mines mentioned Aaliyah to me around the time I was trying to learn how to put on eyeshadow. First thing I noticed about her was that she always does this elongated cat eye winged liner. To this day I still have yet to perfect her signature eyeliner look, but I’m still practicing. IG: aaliyahjayJackie Aina

The first YouTube makeup tutorial I came across by Jackie was a blue eyeshadow look using one of Colourpop’s supershock eyeshadows. It was then that I learned how to apply colorful shades for darker skin tones that’s wearable. Just last year Jackie collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills to create a palette. You can read my review on the palette here. IG: jackieaniaDesi Perkins

Desi would have to be the first Latina beauty guru that I started follwoing. Everyone would always talk about how good her brows looked and they are always on point. I also love how she creates her bronze makeup looks. I recently started following her eyebrow routine when I want my brows to look extra perfect. IG: desiperkinsTailormadejane

I wish back when I was in beauty school Tailormadejane was creating makeup looks on mannequins. That’s how I started following her and because the makeup looks she creates are beautiful. At the moment I’m really trying to get down her foundation routine. After she applies all her products and blends it all together, her base is flawless. IG: tailormadejaneiLuvsarahii

Sarah, is the second Latina beauty influencer who creates simple yet stunning makeup looks. I also love her style as well. She has collaborated with Colourpop Cosmetics a few times and I have a few of the liquid lipsticks from those collaborations. A lot of her tutorials are easy to follow too. IG: iluvsarahiiXThuyle

Last but not least Thuy Le. She’s a british influencer who keeps her audience engaged by creating videos. I found her from my popular page on Instagram and I liked a few videos in the beginning and since then I’ve been following her. She also has a Youtube channel where she vlogs and has helpful videos for others who want to start creating videos. IG: xthuyle

That’s it for my favorite beauty gurus and influencers. Besides the people that I mentioned there are others who I followed recently like Vanessa IG: cutcreaser, Mia IG: mianjelica and Deb IG:beatsbydeb. Are any of these gurus and influencers your fave? Let me know in the comments who you follow and get inspired by. Stay tuned for my favorite lifestyle bloggers and more posts.