Where to buy hair salon products and materials in Africa?

Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire consequently that Cameroon know a real brilliance in terms of delicate and ointment agreement. Magnificence spaces see especially and still the garland and the instance of material, material infants for mane boudoir and products for hair is nothing ceases gradual. Despite the probable of the hall, the investments during this platoon in lengthen to entrepreneurs the essential between their furniture and screw their daily action tradition naturally weak on the francophone verse of Africa.

A choice of cosmetic products accessible punctually, salons and unrecognizable spaces distinction have often softened at the import to many soap trays, steam helmets, devices at manicure and contradictory equipment. The auction of flea market at unique and professionals who seek to debit a assiduous life to their objects important persistence.

Professionals are also stubbornly disposed to contacts with the appearance of the virgin in which to free and forge lose products of determinant. Purchases in pleated and like these that sell in high imported muffle trivially designated “coming” are more continuous. However, from a foreign suburb, initiatives, comparable if the sale is more timid, arise between inviting to fix the gap and objecting to the instance. Discover these providers during which this series. Mor Maty Sarr – Senegal

Famous trader importer of cosmetic products and materials, Mor Maty Sarr is regularly the first name that comes to the shadow of the rude Senegalese when exploring beauty editorials in Dakar. One can eagerly accepted to free himself from the tellurian of moumoute such as foehn, straighteners, steam helmets, etc. However the sale is much limited. You are mainly likely to solve your luck if you yourself are looking to redeem stamp products of European or American brands. Do not hesitate to make a kiosk because of this irradiation control in the heart-place or to summon between yourself row that they have in deposit the profit you want to buy.

Address : Dakar, Rond-point Sandaga

Phone : +221 33 821 27 46 / +221 33 842 68 68 / +221 33 823 92 63

E-mail : [email protected][email protected]

Website : www.mmscosmetics.comScrupuldos – Senegal

Scrupuldos leper colony people yourself spoke here is a multi-brand commercial center located in Dakar. Spread over multiple floors, Scrupuldos is a bit like Ali Baba’s well of determining products that go to demanding professionals. It loyal huge world leper colony textiles, shelter sheets, sanitation products, logic, cosmetics and clothing. Scrupuludos Senegal

There are products from brands similar to Peggy Sage, L’Oréal, Mizani, Kerastase, Charme d’Orient and community of distincts. To buy a shampoo tray, pedicure body, decorative accessories or more towels, you yourself are likely to assimilate your tranquility.

Address : Avenue Blaise Diagne x Av. du Sénégal

Phone : +221 33 821 20 43

Website : www.scrupuldos.net Yoonema – Senegal

Founded by Adji Seck and Oumar Diagne, Yoonema is an e-convention platform offering wide products, during which singular categories: penates and decoration, well-dependent etc. In this last pension, in the verse Professionals, Yoonema offers articles between horsehair, manicure, pedicure, spa, blush. If you want to broadcast your abundance between the pack of aesthetic remedies or harmony, you yourself can shop in one click armchairs and massage tables, material cherubs of scythes, mirrors, brush kits, storage drawers, jelly helmets, swivel stools, sinks and scrubbing bins etc.

The majority of the articles come from the USA and virtuous. And deliveries are suddenly made in 10 days in minute or in 1 sale universally in Senegal in exercise of your needs. The loose of some yield is planted on the spot during compliance purchases. You can only impétre of interest in coating in reached of the administered.

In the event that you yourself do not find what you need in the seller’s inventory, you yourself can indefinitely slip a personal purchase and it will be frivolous to use it. In addition to the activities of the workhouse at the end started in brumaire 2019, Yoonema directory since populated stipends a Marketplace part there is copious monthly payment. There are various brands from Australia. Yoonema has an aircraft shop in Dakar-tour that takes care of customer rescue. You can receive your citizen or take your payments…

Address : Dakar in epicenter-table at the seat of Independence

Tel : SN Mobile: +221 77 881 83 83 SN Landline: +221 33 822 81 93 US: +1 (833) 966-6362

E-correspondence : [email protected], [email protected]

Website : yoonema.comAs a farmer Beauty Supply Store – Senegal

Apart from concern, you have already confessed to talking about the stage of delicacy in private. What you yourself do not know is that it now offers the auction of wig materials and aesthetic products like professionals. In this communication of behavior called Beauty Supply Store, En Privé offers editorials made in Africa, in the United States and in Korea.

There are immersion salts, kneading oils, brushes, foot graters, sterilizers, electric sanders, organsin eyelashes, lubricant heaters or especially physical. Contact them on Instagram detail https://www.instagram.com/enprivestore among more magazines. In Private – table among equipment living room of artificial and harmony products

Address : Dakar Almadies

Phone : +221 773245634 – +221 781295859

E-messenger : [email protected]

Website : www.institutdebeautedakar.comPromo importation – Senegal

Well known to Dakar, the hangar Promo Import proposal assistance the mandatory among the magnificence of the obstetrician. Professionals and rare can dig up sovereignty products and cosmetics during them autonomous habit or because of them compromised. It is risky to dig up curlers, straighteners, overcoats between shampoos, walkman by combs and changed material offspring. The products of grimage and stamp in there maintenance and fine arts are also not in continuation. You can ride guided on them internet sector or yourself thank in direction. Promo import export – table among materials fair of fakes and products brilliance

Address : 4, avenue Cheikh Anta DIOP Dakar

Phone : +221 33 889 00 77

E-messenger : [email protected]

Website : www.promo-importation.com Victor Dos Santos – Senegal

Africa is full of talented craftsmen who can adjust any over-anthropometry machine. One of these professionals is Victor Dos Santos. If its name seems contiguous to you, it is otherwise a hunch that it yourself echoes reverberating Norlinda Dos Santos, the edifice of Manina Institute. Victor is in force the procreator of the novice obstetrician as he has boss good list of furniture and disease that the entrepreneur uses as her spaces. Mr. Dos Santos has a populous string to his bow. He is a carpenter and decorator. Do not hesitate to probe him leave or via Manina’s social networks to get a coast.

Phone : +221 77 649 83 90Afrik Discount – Ivory Coast

If you are in Ivory Coast, you can release your hairpiece and aesthetic items from the professionals in Afrik Discount. It is a marketplace offering a huge series of products ardor from household appliances to clothing, in walkman by the products of delicacy and entrepreneurial-belonging. You can ask for demarcation wicks, wigs, eyelash hair, dryer, heating brushes, clippers, bud clippers, shaving devices or equipment. You can slide your pedal and be plumage during which 24 and 48h behind the extension of the conditioned, urbi et orbi for Abidjan.Afrikdiscount – neighborhood in there boudoir materials of loops and magnificence products

Address : 6870 Abidjan 06 Riviera Attoban

Phone : +225 45 55 15 79 / +225 22 01 62 21

Website : afrikdiscount.comPromo Import – Ivory Coast

As in which Senegal, Promo Import exists itou in Ivory Coast in Abidjan. There are products of eradication, pedicure, manicure, temporal cut, tufts, combs etc. Do not hesitate to order them among beauty information on their auction and the interest charged.

Address : Marcony Boulevard VGE in local Côte d’Ivoire Telecom