Sleep Peacefully: Make Your Bedroom A Happy Place

The state of your bedroom can directly affect how deep and continuous of sleep you receive. This means what you have in your room furniture, knick-knacks, etc. – will change the way you sleep depending on their organization or placement in your room. Also, what you use your bedroom for will also affect the quality of your nightly snooze. Your bedroom should be used for sleep and sex only, and not for other things, such as catching up on work or balancing your books. Keep stress out of your bedroom. Here are five ways to change your bedroom – while still maintaining your own personal touch – to get a good night’s sleep.

Too Much Clutter

Clean up after yourself: don’t leave your books lying around, or your business papers scattered across your bed. If your bedroom is messy it will signal to your brain that there is still unfinished business to attend to, therefore keeping you up at night. Stack your books and organize your papers. Bring the dishes downstairs and put your clothes in the hamper.

Stimulate All Of Your Senses

When you decorate your room, stimulate all of your senses. This means bright colors for your vision, aromatherapy candles for your smell, and maybe a nice plush rug for your sense of touch. Regrettably, nobody has invented a chocolate throw pillow for your sense of taste, but we can still hope!

Move Your Bed

Shift where your bedsits. Instead of against the far wall, move your bed so that the head of the bed is against the wall opposite your bedroom door. This will make it impossible for you to be sneaked upon. Also, keep your bedroom door closed to muffle sounds from around the house.

Get Some Plants

Not many people think to put plants in their bedrooms, but according to recent studies, your blood pressure lowers when plants are in the room. This is because plant growth is a symbol of life, which will directly stimulate your subconscious giving you a happier demeanor.

Keep The TV In The Living Room

These days, many people keep a plasma TV in their bedroom. They claim that late-night shows help them to fall asleep. This is indeed true, but the problem is that the old boob tube has plenty of programming these days to keep you glued to the screen all night long. Keep the TV in the living room where it belongs. Not only will you get to sleep faster as a result of one less distraction, but recent studies have shown that even when a plasma TV is off, there is enough electromagnetic interference to mess up your peaceful night’s rest. If you need stimulation before going to bed, read a book.

Double Up

According to experts, items in your bedroom should be doubled. Apparently, according to followers of Feng Shui, things in pairs, for example, lamps or pictures, create a sense of harmony. The best pairs are mirrors, small tables, or lamps.