What Everyone Should Know About Colored Hair


Some people are not satisfied with how they look. This dissatisfaction causes a lot of personal and physical improvements to the different parts of the body including hair. If you are Chinese, your hair is usually dark brown or black. If you are a Caucasian, your hair may be brown, reddish, black, or blonde. If you are a Black American, hair is usually very dark following the color of the skin. This hereditary trait is something we have had changed temporarily and have cheated on! Correct! This is through the use of hair coloring chemicals or hair dyes.

This article is made to help those people who aspire to make some improvements in their hair shade or color with the use of hair dye and be able to choose the most appropriate color for them. How do we choose the hair color that is best for us? A good hair color choice may make you go wildly beautiful while a wrong hair color choice may break you! Here are some of the tips to help you in making the best out of your look through your hair.

Permanent Hair Dye

Make a decision as to whether a permanent hair dye, a semi-permanent hair dye, or a temporary hair color is desired. Permanent hair dye lasts for a year until the hair grows longer and retouching is needed over the rooted of the hair frequently. As for the semi-permanent hair dyes, it typically lasts for a month or two and can be changed if desired upon fading of the color. For the temporary hair dyes, these colors wash out after one to two sessions of shampooing and are meant for short-term use on a certain occasion.

Identify Your Color Personality

Either you belong to the warm or the cold category based on the color and tone of your eyes, skin as well as hair. Cold categories include hair colors ranging from the blue, deep dark, brown, platinum blond. The eye color resembles the same shade ranging from black, dark brown, gray-blue, and hazel. The skin color in this category ranges from dark brown to medium pale with golden or bronze undertones. Warm categories include a hair color of deep brown with reddish or golden highlights, blonde, gray-yellow, and golden blonde.

As for the eyes, colors range from golden brown, green, blue-green hazel with golden brown flecks. For the skin tone, color ranges from light brown with pinkish or golden undertones, peach, white and pale with golden undertones. The rule of thumb here is that when you belong to a certain category, whether you stay in the same category and pick colors within the range as identified by the category, or neutralize prominent warmth or coldness by trying to use colors that are opposite the category but not too far from the shade of the eyes and skin.

Added Highlights

For those who are quite conservative in altering the color of their hair, adding highlights is a great way of adding a style and tone to a plain monochromatic hair without losing the natural shade of the hair completely.