3 Things To Know About Horse Ownership

Horses are great animal companions but owning one is a huge responsibility. You shouldn’t buy one just because you enjoy horses because if you aren’t prepared to care for your new pet properly, he or she will not stay happy and healthy. Here are three things you need to know about horse ownership before deciding to bring one home.

Horses Are Expensive

Horses are some of the most expensive pets you can have. Not only do they cost a lot upfront, but they also require a lot of food and equipment. Even if you offset feeding costs by allowing your horse to graze most of the day, your four-legged companion could get sick or hurt at any time and need expensive vet care. Investing in pet insurance is a great way to offset unexpected expenses so you may want to get a horse insurance quote before deciding which animal is right for you.

Horses Need a Lot of Care

Horses aren’t low-maintenance animals. Even if they spend most of their time grazing, they need to be fed grain at least once a day. They also need access to hay during the cold winter months and must have fresh water at all times. Daily exercise is also a necessity.

Horses Have Different Personalities

Like humans, every horse has its own personality. Before deciding on a horse to buy, you need to make sure he or she has a personality that meshes well with yours. If you tend to be anxious, you probably want a calm, steady mount. In contrast, if you are easygoing and laid-back, you need a horse that is spirited enough to challenge you.

Before you choose to buy a horse, you need to make sure you are ready for such a heavy responsibility. If you understand these three things about horse ownership, you may be ready for the challenge.