3 Tips to be Happy at Work


The vast majority of the American population hates their jobs. Working for the weekend has become a standard philosophy with the workforce today; get through the week so that you can finally have fun with your friends and family. Just get through the week. How about the Sunday Blues? Many people are abandoning Sunday because they are depressed about having to commute in the morning. But when we do this, we essentially ruin half our weekend, since Sunday is as equally enjoyable as the daily grind. So, if you want to get ahead at work, you must be happy. Success doesn’t breed happiness; happiness breeds success. Here are three tips you can use to have a better time at work and enjoy what you do while limiting your stress and taking back your Sundays!

Don’t Bury Yourself In Your Work

According to recent studies, when people are overwhelmed at work with a ridiculous workload and unrealistic deadlines, they will lock themselves in their offices and work until the wee hours of the morn. This must be avoided; it is a recipe for stress. Relax; know your limits and what you can do within the designated deadline. Interact with your colleagues around the water cooler. A study conducted by Harvard University showed that when students were in a library for eight hours at a time, they had higher levels of happiness when they socialized with their classmates while studying. The same is true at the office. Take time out to laugh and joke, then get back to work.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Taking A Break

Studies have shown that the brain slows down and is less efficient after it has been worked for two straight hours. The solution? Take a five to ten-minute break every 90 minutes to refuel your brain. Take a walk or chat online with some friends or family, read a gossip magazine, or have a high-protein snack. There is no reason to force yourself harder than you ought to, especially when you are already stressed. Not only will you feel better and a little less agitated, your productivity and accuracy will also increase, and your boss will notice.

Break Everything Down

Getting overwhelmed is a common cause of stress. You look at the whole project, and you get flustered over what to do first, how to tackle the problem, and how you can possibly finish it on time. The solution here is to break it up into smaller parts. Solve the small problems and issues first (such as designating research time or sending out duty lists to all team members) and then slowly expand your scope; you will notice that the task isn’t huge but rather just a series of small, easily managed projects.

Following these steps will not necessarily make you love your job; in fact, you may hate your job for completely legitimate reasons. These are simply suggestions to help you not dread going to work every morning.