What Men Should Know About Using Anabolic Steroids

Men are up to improving their physical appearance, such as muscle building and losing enough kilograms of weight for them to become perfectly fit. However, some opt to use anabolic steroids just to build muscles faster. Aside from bulking up the muscles, steroids are also used in preventing the pain associated with exercising, making it a good anesthetic agent. The risky part here is when it is used to inhibit the pain that is experienced from working out,  the person might not realize if you have gone too far in exercising. In this event, are steroids really beneficial to men?

Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones similar to male hormones. They are designed to mimic the traits of tissue repair and bodybuilding that are similar to testosterone. There are types of anabolic steroids that have therapeutic effects and are used in treating several disorders, such as endometriosis, muscle wasting, severe burns, and adjunct to treatments of people who suffer from AIDS. However, these days,  steroids are commonly being abused by athletes and non-athletes merely for bodybuilding. Steroids tend to increase testosterone levels in the body, which is very effective in masculinizing it. Conversely, if the testosterone levels in the body went out from their normal state, men might face a wide range of consequences.

There are many side effects of anabolic steroids that a man should be very aware of. As it disrupts the normal balance of testosterone levels in the body, steroids cause the testes of the male to produce less testosterone since it is already supplied by the steroids themselves. Thinking that the testes don’t need to produce testosterone anymore, the testicles tend to shrink and less sperm are being produced, leading to sterility. Also, steroids tend to break down into estradiol, which is a female hormone, causing the male’s breast to be engorged.

Other effects that men might experience include impotence, erectile dysfunctions, painful urination, enlarged prostate gland, severe acne, more facial hair, and the tendency to become bald. Moreover, abusive utilization of anabolic steroids might lead to some serious health problems, such as the increased risk of producing liver tumors, high blood pressure, offshoot cholesterol levels, and heart abnormalities.

Though these symptoms do not show up immediately, if steroids are abused, this will come out eventually. Anabolic steroids also affect your social and interpersonal relationships with others. One of the common consequences of frequent steroid use is having mood swings. People who consequently take steroids may become increasingly violent and aggressive, and worse, may think of committing suicide if anabolic steroids are overused.

Lastly, since steroids are often prepared as injectables, there is a great risk of acquiring HIV or hepatitis infection coming from an unsterile needle or syringe. For many men, anabolic steroids may appear to have a lot of benefits. But if taken abusively and for a long time, they will surely hit the target and experience these unbearable consequences over time.