Tips On How To Keep Your Hands Soft During The Cold Season

Our hands are like a visit card to us. When we meet someone new, we usually shake hands, and obviously, we touch and analyze the aspect of the other person’s hand skin. Everybody desires and deserves to have hands with soft skin. But this is not something easy to maintain during the cold season when wind and snow dry up so fast the delicate skin of the hands. Here are some easy home remedies that protect and nurture your hands.

Exfoliation Is The Beginning Of Beautiful Hands

By exfoliating the dead cells off the skin of your hands that only maintain dryness and an unhealthy hand aspect you help and accelerate the regeneration process of the skin. You can find on the market all kinds of exfoliating creams for the hands, or you can prepare one at home by mixing up one spoon of brown sugar and one spoon of olive oil. Apply this mixture to your hands and massage it for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.


Honey is another useful home remedy for dry and cracked hands. By adding a few drops of avocado oil and one capsule of vitamin E you obtain a perfect mask for the hands. Leave it on for 15 minutes, remove it with warm water and then apply hydrating hand cream on.

Very Dry Hands Can Be Treated Overnight

Before going to bed, apply a generous layer of nurturing hand cream and then pull over your hands a pair of warmed-up cotton mittens.  It is well known that during the night the skin cells regenerate best, so don’t wander too much if you discover in the morning that the skin of your hands looks healthy and smooth. This treatment can also be applied for dry and cracked heels.

Peripheral Blood Circulation

Sometimes having bad peripheral blood circulation can be the reason why your hands get red or purple during winter. A perfect solution to this shortcoming would be alternative warm and cold hand baths. Keep your hands in warm water for one minute, then put them in cold water for another minute and repeat this process up to 5-6 times. This procedure should be done once a week.

Always Wear Mittens

Even if you have healthy hand skin you should always prevent skin damage. Wear mittens during the cold season as they protect your hands a lot better than leather or cotton hand gloves.

Use Essential Oils

Very dried-up skin can be treated by massaging it with chamomile essential oil, or rose oil mixed up with avocado or any other hydrating oil. Glycerin is also helpful and can be found as the main ingredient in certain hand creams too.

Avoid Detergent

Avoid washing dishes or anything else by using aggressive detergents. Better use some gloves for protection and creamy cleansers that contain glycerin if there’s no way out from the washing process.