Five Proven Ways to Emotionally Deal with Loss

I’d like to ask you a question. Have you ever experienced any loss, such as losing valuable property, losing a parent, or failing an exam?. underachieving the goal set? If yes, how did it feel? I am sure that somehow, there is a feeling of sadness, inadequacy, or longing associated with any of these kinds of losses. While it is normal to feel that way, after a few days or weeks, the feeling should improve and go back to what is normal and adaptive. Should the loss be a loss of a special someone, like a husband a partner, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a friend, or a parent, it is expected that the impact on our emotions is stronger than how it affected us when the loss is material. Also, usually, coping is harder and more gradual. Here are the top five proven ways to emotionally deal with the loss of a special person:

Take Time To Be Alone And Grieve

Having a solo time to cry and to grieve is healthy as this allows the person to express the feeling of loss and be able to think or ponder over the situation. While this is a good way to have an internal silence, there are some people who grieve collectively. Those people who grieve collectively usually seek the support of one another as they share the same feelings of sadness and loss over the same situation.

Talk To People Who Have More Wisdom In This Situation

Counselors, parents as well as parish priests are good providers of advice and are good listeners to vent out your feelings. This will somehow ease out the pain being felt and promote understanding and acceptance, as they share some explanations and wisdom over the situation.

 Set A Time To Wrap Up The Transactions

Keep the things and the unnecessary stuff left by the person who has just gone. For those who passed away, keep the persons’ things in the attic as they are no longer useful to be seen every now and then after the funeral. For a partner who has left, sort the things and give them back to him or keep it in a box and set it aside as they are no longer useful and worth remembering. This will help the person to move on by being able to forget his presence as reminded by his things and set the fact that he is already gone.

Set A Good Schedule Of Diversional Activities

If you enjoy surfing a lot, then schedule a time for surfing to replace the time usually spend with the person who is already gone. This will divert your attention to more productive and adaptive activities than thinking about the loss over and over.

Get Back To Normal As Soon As Possible

A loss of a special someone may cause an interruption to your work, activities, and personal life. Make sure to get back to the important life routines that you do every day so as to make your life move forward even after a loss. Go back to work as soon as possible after a leave of absence. This will make you busy and will divert your attention to living and gaining rather than thinking of the loss.