Walk Your Way to a Perfect Body

Women often have trouble attaining the figure they want; the gym just doesn’t seem to be doing the job and your diet is top-notch. However, you may not be losing weight or burning calories as efficiently as you may have hoped. To get your perfect figure, all you need to do is walk. Walking for 45 minutes a day can successfully get you to shave off two to four inches off your waistline in as little as two months. Here is how you do it:

Make A Track

Before you start your walking workout, you need to map out your route. Try to choose a route that will be scenic enough to keep you motivated. Consider a park or the outskirts of town to inspire you. Stick to this track every day and try not to deviate. This way, you will have a consistent workout each time.

Keep A Brisk Pace

When you start your walk, ensure that you are walking at a brisk pace, faster than if you were simply walking through a mall. Try to walk at this pace for at least one mile; your goal for one mile should be about 15 minutes. Keep your back straight and swing your arms forward with every step. If you want to increase your speed, take faster steps, not longer ones. This way, you won’t be cheating your body.


Once you’ve reached your one-mile mark, it is time to strengthen your legs: do forward lunges, starting with your left leg forward and then your right leg. Your toes should be further forward than your knees; if your knee goes further than your toes, you are doing it wrong. With your back leg, ensure that you are pushing from the toes forward onto your lunging leg. Do this for one to three minutes and then start your walk again.

Speed Bursts

On your second bout of walking, try to alternate one minute of brisk walking with one minute of a hard run. Run quickly for two minutes and then return to your regular brisk walking pace. In time, you should be able to increase the amount of time you are running versus the amount of time you spend walking.


Push-ups are the perfect exercise to strengthen and tone your upper body. But the key is to do proper push-ups: ensure that your knees aren’t resting on the floor or ground. When you do your push-ups, ensure that your abs are tight, your back is straight, and your extending all the way to the ground; no need to cheat.

Skip And Run Home

On the final stretch of your walk, try to alternate running, jogging, and skipping. Not only will this strengthen your legs and ankles, but you will have a fun time on your way. Use a 1:1:1 ratio of walking, running, and skipping. When you are skipping, the higher you raise your knees, the more calories you will burn, so feel free to lunge and jump as much as you want!